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Wednesday, May 21, 2014


It's been so nice lately (though with some rainy days in there too) so we've been spending a lot of time outside. We've pulled out just about all of our outside toys and the kids pretty much live on their bikes and PlasmaCars. Something clicked in Little J's brain and he went from training wheels to biking on his own one day.

IMG_1272 (Medium)
Training wheels.
IMG_1382 (Medium)
Big kid biking.
It was neat watching him figure it out. Last year he had biked a few times without training wheels and it was the typical on the road with dad pushing and then letting go and then running behind. It never lasted long and it certainly wasn't all Little J. He needed help.

This year he got on his Spiderman bike (note: he has a Spiderman 12" bike and a 14" Lightning McQueen bike with training wheels) and figured it out. He uses his feet on the ground to get going like he did on his balance bike and then starts pedaling. It took him another day to figure out stopping, but he's a pro now. And now all he wants to do is bike all day.

IMG_1419 (Medium)
Little J flying by.

Meanwhile Little K, who is pretty good on her bike (a 12" pink one with training wheels) has been testing out the balance bike. I hope she can learn to bike on her own in not too long so she's not constantly slower than Little J.

IMG_1384 (Medium)
Eagerly watching J fix the balance bike's wheel.

Little J is sweet though. When he isn't zooming around, literally biking circles around his sister, he's playing with her.

IMG_1313 (Medium)
Painting the bike with purple bubbles.
I see a summer full of biking.

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