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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

#NoMoreBullies {Wordless Wednesday and iPPP}

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BConnected Conference

As you all know, I spent last weekend at the BConnected Conference. While I work on getting my thoughts together on my experience, I thought I'd share a bit about the #NoMoreBullies campaign we learned about.

#NoMoreBullies was started by Stuntman Stu here in Ottawa and it's growing and growing. Stu and his colleagues go to schools in town giving a presentation on bullying in hopes that even one less kid experiences it.

You can visit Stu's blog to learn more and watch a video. Go take a peek. He's in a unique position with his job at the radio station to meet a lot celebrities. Having celebrity support allows him to reach more and more people.

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I think it's safe to say that everyone has experienced bullying in some form, to some degree. I know I have and I know a lot of my friends did too. Unfortunately bullying doesn't stop when we leave school, but talking to our kids about bullying and how to deal with it is so important. We've been dealing with some issues with Little J and he's only in junior kindergarten. We're learning how to deal with these situations.

I would encourage you to learn more about the #NoMoreBullies campaign, watch the video, and like their Facebook page to show your support.


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  1. It's so important to continue the conversation about bullying so it doesn't get pushed back into the shadows.

  2. You are right, I do think everyone has experienced some kind of bullying or knows someone close to them that has. Such an important campaign. Thank you for spreading awareness!

  3. Many of my students take part in this campaign. It's an important initiative!