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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

ME time and the National Women's Show

I was lucky when J was away to get a bit of time to myself. I went to Costco by myself and watched a few movies after the kids went to bed. What I didn't get though, was time for me. Time when I wasn't expected to parent any second. Know the feeling? When you're always on-call. You're never off the clock and never fully relaxed, even when you're sleeping.

And that makes for a long two weeks.

I spent a lot of last week, with J home, doing things for myself. I left him home with the kids and went out three nights last week, which is some sort of record! I met up with people downtown for a tweet up in advance of the conference later this month (BConnected Conference) (PS I have a conference pass to sell if you're interested!) where I chatted and stayed out later than usual and won tickets to the Women's Show.

Wednesday I went and got fancy purple highlights in my hair. They looked awesome for two days but have mostly faded. Good thing I get to go back in 2 weeks to have them done again, no charge.

IMG_0649 (Medium)
Purple for fun.

Friday night was the much-anticipated Meet The Doulas night at the birth center. It was a full night - meeting other doulas and expecting couples and chatting all things birth. Even if I don't get a client we spread the word about doulas, not something everyone is familiar with, and that helps doulas in the area, and hopefully me eventually. I went out with a few others after the event and had nachos at a pub. I felt 20 again! It was a nice night and I got home feeling energized.

Saturday I met my friends downtown and we checked out the Women's Show. I'd never been before and wasn't sure what to expect. What we found was a million different samples - from bread to salsa to ice cream to tea to chips and chocolate - and a lot of different booths. I was amazed at all the jewelry booths, but you could basically find everything there. At one point we passed an area with a little stage and chairs set up. A 20-minute workshop put on by Venus Envy was just starting so we sat and learned about sex toys.

IMG_0668 (Medium)
The new convention center.

Another stage had different shows throughout the day and you could buy wine near it so it was a busy spot. I found a local vendor of gluten-free bread for my in-laws, learned about essential oils and saw some neat purses, jewelry, and skin care stuff. The best part though was going out for poutine with my girls after the show. We drank and ate and chatted. It was that much-needed, relaxing time with girlfriends that I'm sure we all crave.

So when your job is to stay home with your kids and you don't get out much, eventually you NEED to and then you go a little crazy packing everything into the same week. This has taught me that I need to get out on a regular basis and do things for me, whether it's drinks with friends, a fun new hair colour, or a day downtown, I need ME time!

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  1. Keep doing it! Set it in the calendar if you have to. I always felt guilty when my first was born and I was out and about - no idea why, I got no pressure from others to feel that way - but I also made sure (and still do) to take time for myself. Good luck!