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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Life lessons learned at Kidsfest

IMG_0727 (Medium)
The GIANT pile of Lego.
Kidsfest is a huge show put on by Capital Parent Newspaper and combines play for kids, information for families, and the ability to sign up for about a million different newsletters and enter just as many draws. I had never been but I was lucky this year to be given two free passes. I quickly bought another 2 so all four of us could go. We told the kids and got them all excited. Maybe too excited.

IMG_0753 (Medium)
Pipe cleaner craft.

They were playing with the tickets the day before Kidsfest and lost them. You know how kids are, they put things IN things and you don't find them until much later. We were able to find Little K's ticket in her coat pocket but could not find Little J's ticket. Without a ticket, he couldn't come. He was really upset and J and I were heartbroken but stood our ground. The boys stayed home while Little K and I headed out.

IMG_0725 (Medium)
Little Ray with a cayman.

My girl and I had a good time. We got there in time for the Little Ray's Reptiles show and got to see a cayman and a big snapping turtle. We checked out an enormous pile of Lego and then the PlasmaCars. We have two PlasmaCars, both red (so we call them the red cars) and Little K is quite familiar with them and was ripping around the little concrete area. She got asked twice to slow down, but I just smiled. For once my shy girl was being told to slow down.

IMG_0733 (Medium)
A purple red car.

After not too long it was time for Mike the Knight and Little K wasn't enthralled. Instead she wanted to climb the rock climbing wall (Altitude Climbing Gym). She's a little small but they had a harness specifically for the littlest climbers and she patiently waited her turn, got strapped in, and proceeded to go about 12 feet off the ground. She had a very serious face the whole time and didn't even smile at the girl who unhooked her. I was quite proud of my little girl but thought she'd scared herself.

IMG_0750 (Medium)

IMG_0729 (Medium)
He jumped on the chair and scared Little K.
After walking around a bit Little K spied the anti-gravity thing from Funatorium. the sign said the minimum height was 2'11" and I'm not sure she's that tall but she insisted she wanted to try. I figured at the very least she could try and be told she was too short. The line was long but again Little K was determined and so she waited patiently. When we got to the front of the line, the woman motioned for her to come up and told me that she'd let her stand in it. Well, Little K was able to swing back and forth, again with the serious face.

IMG_0759 (Medium)
Around and around and around.

She loved it so much she waited in line to do it again. I tried to convince her it was time to go, or to go look for a balloon... no, she wanted to go again. So we waited. And she went a second time and loved it just as much. While we were standing in line, I told her over and over that after this turn it was time to go and she agreed. Well, when her turn was done she wouldn't hold my hand and instead marched over to where a man was making balloon animals and insisted she wanted one. The line for balloon animals (by Birthday Party Magic) was just as long but she was a trooper, a very determined toddler, and we waited.

IMG_0775 (Medium)
Bowie the ladybug.
Unfortunately her bladder couldn't wait but a very nice guy in line behind us saved our place while we ran to the bathroom. We got back and got a ladybug balloon animal made and finally were able to leave.  

We were there for about 4 hours and had a great time. It's not often that I get to do things with just Little K, other than little trips in the afternoons while Little J is at school (often just to the grocery store or library) so this was especially nice. And she proved to me how determined she is, and how patient she can be, and how serious she looks even when she's really enjoying something. And she proved to all of us that even though she's pretty much given up on naps, she still gets exhausted.

IMG_0762 (Medium)
Conked out.

Our Kidsfest adventure definitely taught us some hard lessons, but it was a great adventure.

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