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Monday, April 14, 2014

Home office - keeping it real

Happy Monday, friends! I spent all weekend at the BConnected Conference here in town and learned so much. But it was so busy and now I feel behind. While I catch up, I wanted to share with you my office spaces... yes, I have two! Staples Canada is having a fun contest right now. Read on!

I work from home and we have two office areas in our house. Neither is a big space, nor in a room of its own, and neither is doing a good job. Enter the Staples #MakeMoreHappen Contest where you can win $1000 to upgrade your space. Wouldn't that be fun?!

I like to keep things real so I went and took a picture of both spaces to share with you. First is the office in the basement. This is where our desktop, all of our camera stuff, and all of our files live. All crammed in to a tiny space between the wall and the couch in the back of our rec room. We're lacking space and storage and light and any sort of decorating. Sad really.

IMG_0777 (Medium)
Our "office".

To make this space work better, I think there's just enough room to the left of the desk for a bookcase that would be used for storage, books, and probably some DVDs and, let's be honest, toys would end up there.


And I like the look of these Martha Stewart organizers to put on the bookcase.

(Martha Stewart organizers)

And what about this cute owl print for above the desk?
(Owl Always Love You)

The second space is a corner of our bedroom that I use primarily for my doula business. We were given an older Apple computer and I bought a printer. My files are all in a cabinet that doesn't fit between the desk and the door. I have shelves on the wall but no desk chair and let me tell you that sitting on the ottoman, which is great for storage, doesn't feel good for any length of time. What's missing is a good chair and more storage.

IMG_0776 (Medium)
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My wishlist includes a desk chair and a chair mat because of the carpet.

(Staples Mesh Task Chair)

(Low-pile Chairmat)

And two of these bright guys for garbage and paper recycling.

(Honey Can Do trash can)

And after looking through most of the Staples.ca site, I'm still not sure how to make my filing cabinet situation any better. There's just not enough space. If I won, I would run through the store and grab all sorts of supplies like paper and pens and markers and post-its. It would be like Christmas!

Even if you don't work from home, everyone deals with paperwork and bills and has some sort of computer/laptop. So tell me what you would do to revamp your home office space? Any tips for my filing needs?