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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

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Who had a good Easter? We did and I credit that to our relaxed approach. Easter seems to have become a second Christmas, with kids being gifted not only chocolate, but outfits, toys, and books. It's a little crazy actually. In our house, Easter is about seeing family and having a small egg hunt for the kids. They are given things by others but that's not the focus at all.

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A rare family shot.
I think we struck a good balance this year between being busy seeing family and enjoying quiet time. Over the weekend J and I both got to sleep in and we both got some alone time. I even managed a run in the warmer weather (I have a 5K race next weekend that I'm totally ready for).

Other than our dinners, we spent a lot of time playing outside, playing with friends at an Easter party playdate, and spending time with family. J's sister SJ was in town and her and I went shopping one morning. We do this almost every time she's in town and I stock up on shirts and tank tops. I even bought a new purse and wallet.

Our first dinner was with my family. My brother and his wife were in town and we had a big turkey with all the fixings. The kids had a great time. After dinner they were chasing my brother around the house, everyone huffing and puffing. At the end, Little J hops up onto the couch, declares he's in TO (time out for anyone who doesn't remember playing tag as a kid), and, through big breaths, says That. Was. Awesome! It was cute.

IMG_0922 (Medium)
Hanging out with my family.

IMG_0924 (Medium)
Goofing around with my brother.
IMG_0919 (Medium)
Lots of colouring and playing.

IMG_0928 (Medium)
Goodbye hugs.

Our second dinner was with J's family. This time we had turkey and ham, but the main focus was being together. We spent a lot of the day over there both Saturday and Sunday.

IMG_0953 (Medium)
After my run, Little K wanted to go for a run too.

IMG_0949 (Medium)
Pulled out J's lego.
IMG_0962 (Medium)
Family walk to check out the creek.

IMG_0938 (Medium)
Seriously, lots of lego play.

IMG_0933 (Medium)
Outside play.

Other than that, we had a little egg hunt at home Sunday morning. The Easter Bunny assigned a colour to each kid to make it easier and they ran around with their baskets searching high and low. (The eggs were mostly in plain sight.)

IMG_0947 (Medium)
Excited kids.

SJ gifted the kids a set of dishes to be painted. Little K totally went for it while Little J wanted to copy the designs on the box. Interesting.

IMG_0913 (Medium)

IMG_0905 (Medium)
Little J is SO proud of his bunny hat.

IMG_0903 (Medium)
Of course, Little K needed one too :)

IMG_0897 (Medium)
Little K admiring our outside Easter decorations.

J is enjoying some extra time off this week so I had a chance to take down all the decorations today. Easter is officially over, but we made the most of it and had a great time. I hope you did too.

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