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Thursday, April 17, 2014

BConnected Conference Wrap-Up

It's not easy writing a wrap-up post for an event like the BConnected Conference where so much happened.. the people I met, the things I learned, the inspiration that struck. Before Easter is upon us, I want to share the highlights of my weekend and introduce you to some really great people, bloggers and brands, who were there. I've included lots of links so feel free to check them out!

IMG_0825 (Medium)

The BConnected Conference was the first of its kind in Ottawa: a parent blogger conference. I'm a parent and a blogger so it was a perfect fit!

The conference was held on the weekend with a social Saturday night. The only times I'm out of the house during regular work hours these days are for conferences, training, or the odd birth, so it was pure excitement that got me out of bed so early Saturday morning.

IMG_0827 (Medium)
The view from our room at the NAC (National Arts Centre.)

I teamed up with Delta from Just Play Toy Rental and knew a number of other bloggers attending so I wasn't worried I wouldn't know anyone. In fact, when I got to the NAC Saturday morning I immediately spotted Tracey from Just a Trace and we went in together. Registration was a breeze, chatting with people and receiving our swag bag. Seriously, a bag full of goodies from the vendors sponsoring the conference.

IMG_0800 (Medium)
Bright and early Saturday morning.

Tracey and I found a table with Chris from Canadian Dad and Sharon from PTPA (seriously!) where we sipped on Oasis orange juice and ate snacks, and listened to some pretty cool speakers.

The day was a mix of listening to our lovely MC, Julie from Coffee with Julie, speakers and time to mingle and chat with sponsors. For me it was also a chance to see a lot of friendly faces and catch up. I took Tracey along with me the entire day. We had our picture taken at some sponsor booths, signed up for contests, played Mario Kart on the Wii, and learned about some neat companies.

Dylan of Captivision Photography was the official photographer of the conference and took headshots of attendees. He's legally blind but able to take pretty amazing pictures. He also does shoots so check out his page if you're in Ottawa and need a photographer. Check out my photo:

KG Profile - Copy (Medium)
My new head shot.

Some of my favourite sessions from the weekend include ones on personal branding and an animated look at parenthood, but I learned the most from the more technical ones about Triberr, LinkedIn and Google+. I came away with a long list of things to tackle, a very long list, and I've been working on things here and there all week.

That's the best thing about going to conferences: the inspiration that gets into you and makes you move. The feeling of accomplishment, comraderie, and joy from getting together with like-minded people and talking about something you love. Yes, I love blogging. Am I ever going to be a big-fish blogger? Probably not, but I can be a better blogger and I'm working on it.

A big thank you to everyone I met last weekend, the speakers and sponsors, and the organizers. It was a great conference and I will be there again next year!

Watch out for future Friday Feature posts about some of the great bloggers I met at the conference!


  1. Great new head shot! :)

    1. Thanks Gwen! Check out Captivison Photography - he's amazing!

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful time at the conference! Lovely head shot (I still use one on my LinkedIn from about 2007.... so I could probably use a new one...) Looking forward to seeing your new Friday Features.

    1. You should come to BConnected next year and you'll meet the bloggers in person!

  3. Beautiful head shot! It was nice to see you again and glad you enjoyed the conference. See you next year!

    1. Thanks Lyne! I think everyone got a great photo.

      You did a GREAT job with the conference!

  4. Your head shot turned out awesome! Thanks again for letting me tag along with you. Looking forward to more of your Friday Features!

    1. I'm glad I was able to help... I know it can be overwhelming :)

  5. I love the shots that Dylan took! I had a great time also!