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Thursday, March 27, 2014

World Doula Week - March 22-28

Doulas all over the world this week have been celebrating - themselves, birth, and the women and families they serve. All for good reason. Doulas are pretty great. Did you know there are benefits of having one for your labour? A birth doula is worth the money if you want:

- a shorter labour with fewer complications
- reduced need for pain medication
- greater success breastfeeding
- a positive birth experience
- less post partum depression

I know a lot of people don't want a doula because they don't want a stranger to be a part of their big day, an interloper. I was the same, but what I didn't consider is that no matter what there will be strangers at your labour. Whether it's the OB you've met a handful of times, medical students, nurses, paramedics who show up if you have your baby at home accidentally (oops!), the second midwife, you will be sharing this intimate experience with more than a few people you might not know.

What better way to protect your space than to hire someone who knows just how to do that? You will get to know your doula before the big day with an interview and one or more prenatal visits, and then she will stay with you the entire time. Continuous support by someone knowledgeable about birth has benefits, even more than those I listed above. It really makes sense if you want a great birth experience.

Celebrating World Doula Week in my own way, I've written some posts for other blogs. I put together some tips on how to have a kickass birth over at Kickass Ottawa and a little write up ahead of our Meet The Doulas night this Friday at Ottawa Mommy Club. It is my hope that we can reach more and more expecting women in the area and get a chance to meet some of them. We're lucky to be having our event at the new Ottawa Birth Center, which is amazing by the way. So please share this post with your friends and help spread the word about doulas.

Tiny Feet Doula Services is my site. I just received two new testimonials and couldn't be happier to read words from my clients and to know that I made a difference. Being a doula is a privilege. Happy World Doula Week to all the wonderful doulas I know.

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