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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wordless Wednesday and iPPP: Car Show

After being away two weeks, J comes home and the first thing he does is give the kids each a toy plane. The second? Takes them to the car show. Best dad ever.

J loves cars and has passed on that love to the kids. They both want to race cars when they're older and recognize a lot of different types. Little K is currently obsessed with Beatles. She only wanted to sit in the backseat, which is incredibly small by the way.

IMG_0602 (Medium)
The glamorous Beatle.

J was most looking forward to an interactive part set up by some people he knows through lapping. You got to race around the track at Calabogie, something he's done for real.

IMG_0607 (Medium)

For Little J, the most exciting part of the entire outing was spotting Spiderman. The first time we were going up an escalator and he was coming down. We had a lot of chats about why Spiderman would be at the car show (to keep bad guys away) and whether he likes cars (of course he does!)

IMG_0601 (Medium)
Watching the snow gently fall.

I was just happy to be out with our entire crew.

IMG_0599 (Medium)
Having fun.

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  1. That's a long time for dad to be away! I feel for you, K. But that is so cool what you guys did at the car show! And Spiderman?! My kids would freak.

  2. I know how you feel when dad is away. Despite being able to video chat or have long phone conversation, doesn't feel the same.

  3. Greatest dad ever for sure. Your kiddos look so happy.