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Friday, March 7, 2014

More cruise!

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Like promised, here is the second part of our vacation recap. After stopping in Nassau, Bahamas, we headed to Coco Cay for our big day off the ship.

{Coco Cay} We were all geared up for a big day on the little island of Coco Cay but the waves were too big to get there. There is no port so the ship anchors off shore and tenders (little boats) ferry people back and forth. The captain gave it an hour and decided to pull anchor and head north. We were upset not only about missing our fun day, but heading to colder temperatures sooner was a bummer too.

At least it was warm for the day. The kids spent their day at Aquanauts or eating with us, and we spent the day relaxing, swimming (just J), reading, wandering. There was a quick rain rain storm with really strong winds so the kids and I were stuck inside after lunch before Aquanauts opened again (complete torture!) J and I caught the last bit of the evening show and everyone was in bed early.

IMG_0317 (Medium)
Watching the waiters singing.

IMG_0318 (Medium)
The view from the bar before picking up the kids.

{At sea} It was another day at sea with the temperatures cooling off so we took advantage and organized our stuff while the kids were at Aquanauts in the morning. After lunch we all went to the ice show which was pretty cool. The did routines for all the seasons and had very elaborate costumes. But the big highlight of the day was the parade that the kids did. They were all dressed up as pirates with bandanas that they decorated (poor Little K's head is so small her bandana was almost over her eyes) and face paint. The little pirates paraded through the ship and onto the theatre stage where they did a little chant with actions. Our two just stood there, frozen, and when they stopped in the promenade for another chant, Little J cried. I guess it was overwhelming. You should have seen the professional picture of the two of them.

IMG_0324 (Medium)
Part of the ice show.

IMG_0337 (Medium)
Our room guy getting creative - this is when the kids learned that the tv worked.

_MG_2397.CR2 (Medium)
My two little parading pirates.

_MG_2407.CR2 (Medium)
They didn't love the parade but they loved the face paint.

{At sea} This was our last day at sea and it was cold! We dropped the kids off after breakfast and just wandered. J had his eye on a watch so he bought it and I picked out a necklace, bracelet, and earrings set that I wouldn't normally buy. Just before lunch was the kids talent show. A lot of the older kids sang or danced or hula-hooped, but for us the most important part was when the little kids all got up and did animal actions together. Little J and Little K actually participated this time and were so pleased with themselves.

There was a big parade in the evening in the promenade.

IMG_0338 (Medium)
More face paint for my little leopard.

IMG_0339 (Medium)
Little K was a cat.

IMG_0344 (Medium)
At the talent show.

IMG_0370 (Medium)
Watching dolphins.

IMG_0377 (Medium)
Watching the parade.

_MG_2411.CR2 (Medium)
My little butterfly.
{New Jersey - Ottawa} We'd already done most of our packing, but we still had to get up early to get off the ship. It was a bit of a scramble to get breakfast, teeth brushed, and everything ready, but by 9am we were off the ship. A quick cab ride back to the hotel and we were in the white car headed north. The drive took 7.5 hours again and this time both kids napped. We crossed over in Gananoque which J had never done. We all enjoyed the two bridges.

IMG_0379 (Medium)
One sleepy guy.

IMG_0380 (Medium)
One sleepy girl.

IMG_0382 (Medium)
Little K was thrilled to be in the car.

IMG_0384 (Medium)
Back to Canada!

And that was our big vacation. I have more to say on what we packed, details about the kids program, things to do on the ship, driving vs. flying, but I'll stop there for today. Again, I'd love to hear about your cruise experiences or your vacation down south to escape the cold winter we've been having. Do tell!

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