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Thursday, March 6, 2014


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We spent last week on vacation and I'm still catching up!

{Ottawa - New Jersey} We hit the road Saturday, February 22nd and headed South. Our plan was to drive until lunch, then drive hopefully the rest of the way. Turns out my bladder isn't quite that big and we had to stop once more. The trip was 7.5 hours. The kids were pretty good and Little K napped part of the way.

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Bridge to the USA.

IMG_0239 (Medium)
Our New Jersey hotel.
Our time spent in New Jersey was either in the hotel or getting food: dinner Sunday night, and breakfast and lunch Monday. A week of parking came free with our night at the hotel so we were able to leave the car there.

IMG_0245 (Medium)
On our way!
{New Jersey - New York - Sea} Cruising with kids gives you all sorts of perks - after cabbing to the port, we skipped the big line up to register and the line for the shuttle. We found our room and started to explore. We were on the Royal Caribbean's Explorer of the Seas which is a huge ship with so much to see and do. I mean, I knew the ship was big, but was unprepared for just how big. We spent our time on our first day on board to nap (Little K) and check out as much as we could. There was even a dance party that night where the kids won prizes.

IMG_0253 (Medium)
Ready to sail!
IMG_0258 (Medium)
Kids dance party.
IMG_0260 (Medium)
Our cozy room.
{At Sea} Our first full day at sea was still pretty chilly so there was no swimming or lounging around outside in a bikini. The kids went to Aquanauts, the youth program, in the morning, and despite us being worried about especially Little K, it went really well. So well that they wanted to go back after lunch, wanted to eat dinner with them, and stayed so J and I could have dinner together.

You can tell that J and I both needed a vacation, but that we needed different things. For me, I needed sleep and I needed full on down time (reading by myself, sitting, lying around). Meanwhile J tried out the gym, he joined in a volleyball game, and tried rock climbing. He needed to be doing things.

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The area in front of the promenade.
IMG_0267 (Medium)
One of the aquariums on the ship.
IMG_0273 (Medium)
J did a rockclimbing race and won!
IMG_0274 (Medium)
The sun setting on our first full day at sea.

{Sea - Port Canaveral} After a rough night we were all up early. J went and bought some cough medicine for Little J and we were hoping for better sleep after that. It wasn't like their was a whole lot of space to work with. The kids spent the morning at Aquanauts (you'll notice they spent most of their time there) but had lunch with us and watched the ship come into Port Canaveral in Florida. We didn't get off the ship, but watched the birds and dolphins from our room. Us girls had naps again while Little J had fun with his friends and J signed us up for self checkout (do this if you ever go on a cruise!) There was some shuffleboard playing and lounging around and today we took the kids to the sit down dinner. They got to meet the other people at our table - two couples and one teenage girl from Quebec. It was interesting having to use our French and them try out their English.

And then, what we'd been waiting for: the kids went to the evening session of Aquanauts and J and I got to go see a comedy show. I was still worried about the kids, especially being out late, but they were fine, thrilled actually, though pretty tired. We all went to bed but J went out to wander around and watch the ship set sail again.

IMG_0277 (Medium)
A pirate and a princess.

IMG_0282 (Medium)
Coming into Port Canaveral.

IMG_0286 (Medium)
Watching dolphins play in the harbour.

IMG_0289 (Medium)
Shuffleboard, or something like it.
{Sea - Nassau} It was much warmer being farther south so we took advantage and I got a sunburn. Lying in the hot sun was just so nice. I didn't want to move. But I did: J and I went to explore a bit of Nassau. We managed to hold ourselves back from the tourists traps... the hair braiding, the tours, the horse rides, and walked around until we found a little beach and went in the ocean even though the water was chilly. It wasn't long before we had to be back on the ship to get the kids, but true to form they wanted to spend more time at Aquanauts so we only saw them for meals. We took advantage and saw a comedian/magician show together.

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The view from Junkanoo Beach, Nassau, Bahamas.

IMG_0310 (Medium)
Where the kids spent most of the week.

IMG_0312 (Medium)
The small slide at the kids pool.

_MG_2370.CR2 (Medium)
The ship at night.

I'm sorry to do this but I'm going to stop here for today. Back tomorrow with the rest of the recap! Have you ever been on a cruise? J and I are already talking about our next one!

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  1. I've never been on a cruise - I didn't even know you could leave from NJ -which might be what we do if we can ever afford to go on this kind of vacation again (stupid teacher holidays....).

    So the drive to NJ wasn't bad? We are driving to NYC in November - yay fun!