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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Book 14/50: The Husband's Secret

Another book I read while on the cruise was The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarity. I miss all the time I had to myself while on vacation! This novel is about Cecilia who comes across a letter her husband wrote for her to read when he passes away. He's not an organized person and didn't mean for her to find the letter. And for good reason, its contents throw their lives into a tailspin. And it doesn't only affect their family, but other people in their community.

This secret has the ability to ruin lives, to break apart families. To think that you know your partner or your best friend is challenged. How can you know everything about a person without being with them every second of every day? And does something you've done in the past follow you the rest of your life and change who you are? Does doing a bad thing make you a bad person?

I was asking myself these questions and more while reading this book. Seeing how one secret can change the lives of so many people, how one act can change your whole life, was humbling. It really made me think about my actions and their repercussions. Thankfully I don't have any big secrets, but everything we do has the ability to impact others positively or negatively.

I really liked how the novel got tied up at the end. That appeals to my sense of order and left me feeling satisfied. I would recommend this book for sure.

The Husband's Secret

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