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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Book 10, 11 & 12/50: Matched, Crossed, and Reached

For my tenth, eleventh and twelfth books I chose a young adult trilogy (what's with all the trilogies?) to dive into. The Matched trilogy by Ally Condie was perfect after reading a non-fiction. It's similar to some other books I've read set in a dystopian US with teenage main characters but the main part about this one is the lack of creativity allowed in the world.

Without giving anything away, the books follow Cassia, a girl living in the society, about to reach an age where she is set up with the person she is to marry. She gets matched with Xander, a boy from her neighbourhood, but on the video every matched person is given, she sees another boy's face too. It's Ky, another boy from her neighbourhood. Let the love triangle begin.

Being matched with someone from your neighbourhood is extremely rare, but seeing more than one face on your video is unheard of. It's the beginning of something big happening in the society, something that undoubtedly Cassia, Xander, and Ky are a part of.

I'm not sure where I heard of these books but I'm glad I read them. The story was well written and kept me guessing. The trilogy concluded nicely too and I felt satisfied after reading the last words. I also felt inspired to create - words, music, poetry.. anything.

Actually, I'm prepared to credit this series with my new adventure - details to come!

Next up: The Rosie Project


  1. Don't forget to put The Giver (and the other 3 that follow) on hold and read them! Similar dystopian YP fiction and good/quick reads.