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Monday, March 10, 2014

2 weeks

Two weeks is how long J is gone. He's in the US for training. He left late yesterday afternoon.

The first of the two weeks is March Break. This is my first one with a kid in school and after the excitement of the cruise where Little J was very entertained in the Aquanauts program, it's going to be a challenge keeping him interested. Already you can tell he misses the constant engagement, crafts, playtime, and people around. One mom and one little sister just can't compete.

I'm lucky because I have help: I have J's parents in town and I have friends ready and willing to get together and step up if I send the word. My hope is that playdates during the week, a trip to a museum, and dinner with family will be enough. And random crafts I come up with, all pin-worthy obviously.

What are your survival tips for March Break? Or are you on vacation with the kids?


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  1. This is the first March Break when my husband is home with us, so it will be easier, but in years past, I've been where you are (in a way, I had relief at night!). Plan a few things each day at home like crafts and activities (obstacle courses!) and be sure to get out a lot to keep busy. I still balance between getting out, planning stuff at home, and free play. Good luck mama!!