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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wordless Wednesday/iPPP: Little K's 3rd birthday party

IMG_0153 (Medium)
Peso penguin themed decorations.

My baby girl turned 3 on Monday, but we had her party Saturday. We took a page out of our friend's book who had her daughter's party in the afternoon, and invited our friends over for 2pm. It's nice having this option now that the kids are older and I know it wasn't a great time for everyone, but with swimming Saturday morning and J's ice race all day Sunday it was the only time that worked.

_MG_2233.CR2 (Medium)

I didn't make a mistake when I said that we invited OUR friends over, poor Little K doesn't really have any friends of her own. A lot of our friends have kids the same age as Little J and younger than Little K. Thankfully she doesn't know the difference yet and was surrounded by people she knows and is comfortable with.

IMG_0137 (Medium)
Playdough and chatting.
 Not everyone could come so we had a relatively small party, but it was nice being able to chat with everyone and the house was only ever really loud when 4 kids were pounding on the Hungry Hippos game. Man, that game is LOUD!

IMG_0165 (Medium)
Note the motion blur!
We let Little K open her presents because that's always one of the highlights. She was gifted so many great things - books, games, colouring sets, puzzles. She's a lucky girl.

_MG_2234.CR2 (Medium)
Everyone helped.
We had lots of snacky food - veggies, fruit, chips, cheese and crackers - but the main event was the cake. Sylvia (Cakeadoodledoo) delivered with a beautiful Peso cake (Peso is a penguin from the kids show Octonauts. Kyla is currently obsessed with Peso.)

IMG_0150 (Medium)
Three and Peso: Little K's favourite things.

_MG_2242.CR2 (Medium)
Blowing out the candle.
She actually didn't need my help to blow out the candle but it's a cute picture of me and my baby girl.

_MG_2249.CR2 (Medium)
Happy girl cake-face!

I didn't plan any activities for the kids so they just played and basically ran off their sugar high for the rest of the party. The balloons were a big hit.

_MG_2264.CR2 (Medium)

But Little K also spent a good chunk of time with Little E, showing her all over and playing together.

IMG_0139 (Medium)

Little K's party was a big success. She was happy and said her favourite part was the cake. Little J said he liked the decorations best. I liked that the kids were happy and everyone had a great time. Now vacation planning can begin!

Happy birthday to my little girl!


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  1. That cake penguin is ADORABLE! We love Octonauts here, too. What a fun party theme! And yeah...balloons are ALWAYS popular. :)

    1. Sylvia is uber talented - she MADE that Peso!

  2. The Peso is amazing! We are pretty Octonauts obsessed over here :)

  3. I LOVE the photo of you two blowing out the candle! Framer for sure!

  4. Happy birthday! Love the pictures, especially the one of you & your daughter blowing out the candle and the one where she is catching the balloon, or at least ready to catch it. So cute! And love that cake too, my son would go nuts for that.