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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wordless Wednesday and iPPP: Big big girl bed

We've been debating getting bunkbeds for the kids for a while. There's a set at the cottage and the kids absolutely love them. But the reality of them sharing a room isn't something we're ready for. So we decided to go half way: get bunkbeds that can be set up as two twin beds.

Before Little K's birthday I ordered some from Walmart.ca using Ebates (sweet cashback on that deal!) The box was delivered before her birthday and it was huge and heavy. The delivery guy would only come into the front hall so the box was in plain sight when Little J got home from school. He knew what was in the box from the pictures and the cat was out of the bag.

The kids insisted J put together the bunkbeds immediately when he got home. They were sweet and helped.

And that is how Little K got her big, big girl bed.

IMG_0096 (Medium)

We put together one of the bunks and only bought one mattress. I really can't imagine either kid up on a top bunk yet, but I'm sure we'll put the other one together eventually, but for now they're just so happy with the new bed. That first night they both slept in it, one at either end.

IMG_0101 (Medium)
Enjoying her new bed.

It's actually quite uncomfortable because of the way the slats are, but thankfully the kids are too light for it to be an issue. We'll be getting some plywood to go under the mattress though.

Anyone else have a toddler graduating out of the crib? Anyone need a crib?


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