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Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day

Today is Little K's birthday, but before we get to that, I need to post a bit about Valentine's Day.

I'm not much for it actually, and J and I have never exchanged gifts on February 14th. It just isn't something we do, but having kids changes things and now we celebrate the day for them. 

IMG_0045 (Medium)
Little J's Valentine's for his class.

Leading up to last Friday we took out some v-day books from the library, did a heart craft, and got Valentine's ready for Little J's classmates. I pulled out our bin of stuff and gave the kids their meals on heart-shaped plates and oohed and aahed over Little J's loot.

IMG_0118 (Medium)
Pizza on a heart plate.

IMG_0113 (Medium)
Pink balloons.

The biggest hit was the pink balloons (my idea of decorating for the day) that Little J and Little K played with all day. It's amazing what two kids can do with a balloon each.

IMG_0133 (Medium)
Fun with balloons.
 Happy heart day!

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