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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Racing on snow

IMG_0024 (Medium)
Snowcross buddies.
It's no secret that J loves cars and driving fast. He's been doing autocross for a couple of years and started snowcross this year when he got his hands on a suitable car. Snowcross is timed laps on a snow course with a non-plated car. He's been out a few times this year, but last weekend was the first time the kids and I could go watch.

IMG_0036 (Medium)
Family picture!
The biggest difference between autocross in the summer and snowcross in the winter, for us spectators, is the cold. We were bundled up and sat on a snowbank to watch the cars. It was chilly. But the kids were happy to be there, cheering on cars as they went past. Waiting eagerly for their dad.

IMG_0032 (Medium)
The kids watching their dad race.
When you ask Little J what he wants to be when he grows up, he says a racecar driver.

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  1. What is a non-plated car? In any case, looks like fun!

    My daughter goes winter camping with Girl Guides sometimes and they make them bring little pads ("sit-upons") to sit on in the snow - just a bit of foam and plastic between you and the ground (apparently) makes a big difference. They sell them at the MEC or you can Google sit-upon and there's lots of Girl Guide sites that explain how to make one.