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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ice racing, take 2

IMG_0164 (Medium)
Ice racing at Capital City Speedway.
I've already posted about snowcross - car racing on the snow. Well, the snowcross season is done and now it's time for ice racing. Ice racing is different from snowcross because multiple cars are on the track at once. There are teams of drivers and there is often contact between the cars. It's more exciting and more dangerous.

IMG_0158 (Medium)
Car 84 zooming by.
J was a little upset that he wouldn't be able to participate because his car stalls for no reason, which is fine when you're the only car on the track like in snowcross, but not okay for ice racing. A few days before the first race, he was asked to join a team with a donated car. He was like a kid on Christmas - SO excited!

IMG_0162 (Medium)
Cold spectators.
And we were excited to go watch. It was cold though, so cold. The wind cut right through all the layers we were wearing, even wrapped up in a blanket. We sat in the back of one of the other driver's trucks so we could see over the snowbank and we cheered on J every time he drove past. He raced for an hour and then another driver took over.

IMG_0157 (Medium)
All wrapped up.
Little K didn't last the hour before she needed to take a break in the car to warm up and have a snack. Thankfully our friend A was there to stay out with Little J.

IMG_0159 (Medium)
Snack break!
The kids were so excited to see their dad when he was done. We left soon after with smiles on our faces and frozen toes.

IMG_0163 (Medium)
Happy reunion.

It's fun to see J doing something he so obviously loves though I'll be happy when we're back to the warmer weather of autocross.

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  1. Does J race in the summer, too? We are fans of the speedway and always make it a point to come out to the Summer Slam. What category does he race in?