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Thursday, February 20, 2014


Currently we have a lot of snow but the temperature is creeping up. Soon we'll have rain and freezing rain and ice AND snow. Good times.

IMG_9902 (Medium)
Enjoying the snow.

Big excitement! I was profiled in Capital Parent Newspaper and I couldn't be more thrilled with the write-up! It is so sweet. Here's a link to the paper online. I'm on page 13. I'll be looking for a paper copy at my library soon. The lovely Christine of Life's Moments Photography took my picture for the article. If you found me from the article - thank you for reading! I hope you'll stay and have a look around :)

I just finished reading another young adult series and have started The Rosie Project. I have a bunch of books in my queue on my new Kindle!

I haven't been watching much lately, but the Olympics gets turned on every day. It's fun sharing it with the kids. The funniest quote comes from Little K who saw luge (skeleton) for the first time and said "They're really good at tummy skating!"

I'm really looking forward to receiving some craft supplies and getting started on a new project. I've been thinking about it almost constantly and I'm itching to get started. More details when I have something to show you.

I'm so excited for our upcoming trip. We'll be escaping the snow on a family cruise. None of us has cruised before so I have no idea what to expect or how things will go, during the drive to and from New York and on the cruise. Either way I'm looking forward to not cooking for a week, seeing some sunshine, and hopefully relaxing.

I'm wishing I had more doula clients. Doula work is unpredictable and I haven't had a birth since December. In this downtime I've been doing some more readings for certification, working on my website and paperwork, and trying to get organized to do my taxes. But what I really want to be doing is supporting couples and witnessing babies being born.

I'm happy that my baby girl had a good birthday. Seeing her smiles and knowing she was having a great time at her party was so nice. She's three!

I'm loving the sunshine. The sun stays up later and later and warms my face while I play outside with the kids after school.

IMG_9907 (Medium)
Currently our snowbank is taller than me!

Thanks to Dani from Sometimes Sweet for the inspiration for my currently posts.

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