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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

WW/iPPP: Baby it's cold outside

IMG_9837 (Medium)
Our walk home from the bus stop.

It's cold in Ottawa. Really cold. Frostbite warnings and ice on the insides of the windows. Chilly walks to the bus stop and the house cracking and popping because of the weather.

IMG_9830 (Medium)
A rainbow of paint.

So we stay inside and paint. It's been a while, but pouring paint into the egg cartons is therapeutic, making a rainbow for each kid and then watching the messes they create. Enjoying the few minutes of silence as they concentrate on their masterpieces.

IMG_9835 (Medium)
Little K painting.

IMG_9833 (Medium)
Little J painting.

The good thing about these freezing temps is the fun things you can do outside. One of them is blowing bubbles and watching them freeze. Just don't stay out too long and freeze yourself!


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  1. Oh, man. The cold makes me cranky, so I'm not sure I'd be able to deal with this! I do love that you used cardboard boxes to paint on, though--good idea!

  2. yay for Ottawa! I'm in Belleville!! It's very cold here I know! Come on summer!

  3. You guys have totally had your share of cold lately.

    And egg cartons! Brilliant.

  4. Is that the inside of cereal boxes that they are painting? What a fantastic idea!! My kids always glob on so much paint the paper gets too wet and rips through. Totally stealing this one :).