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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wordless Wednesday/iPPP: Adorableness

My little girl is almost 3 and her hair is finally long enough to pull back. She won't let me do anything with it but last night I got a text from J saying he did and I could see it when I got home.

_MG_2066.CR2 (Medium)

She was so proud of her adorableness and can you blame her??

_MG_2065.CR2 (Medium)

And proud that she can reach the lightswitch in the bathroom with the stool.

IMG_9770 (Medium)

And Little J just wanted his picture taken too, even if his hair is only long enough for "hair clippers".

IMG_9776 (Medium)


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  1. Oh my goodness, the tiny little piggies! I love them.

  2. How cute is that! I love that J did it for her too. Awesome.

  3. SO cute. This is one of the reasons I want a girl. Those little pigtails!

  4. Both my daughters are baldies too. My eldest (4) now has enough to get her hair into pigtails, but it's still pretty wispy. My youngest (18months) is nowhere NEAR that stage. My eldest asked this morning if I could braid her hair. I quickly distracted her with something shiny because ... not yet possible.

    You kids are adorable!

    Also - not sure if you "do" awards, but I nominated you for a Liebster - just my way of saying I'm glad to have found you; and am enjoying your blog. Info here: http://babygatesdown.wordpress.com/2014/01/18/awards-awards-awards/.

    Also - I submitted something a week and a bit ago to OMC - so hopefully it'll get posted soon. Thanks for the help there too!

    Best - Louise