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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Surprise repainting of the master bathroom

We painted our master bathroom years ago and J has never been happy with the colour. It was a reddy-brown and didn't look bad, but it wasn't the chocolate-brown we had envisioned. We'd talked about repainting it and had even bought some paint a while back, but for whatever reason (life with 2 kids...) it hadn't happened.

IMG_4855 (Medium)
The original off-white paint.

J was in New York City for a week for work before Christmas and I knew it was a great opportunity to paint and surprise him when he came home. So Tuesday morning the kids I went to Lowe's to buy paint (I thought the paint we bought before had been left in the shed over winter and was thrown out). We talked to a nice paint guy to make sure I didn't need to prime first, bought the paint and a new roller, and left.

IMG_4264 (Medium)
Freshly painted reddy-brown.

In the parking lot was when I got the call from my doula client that her water had broken. My painting plans were pushed to the back burner. I was at the hospital the rest of the day and night and Wednesday I was recovering from the birth.

IMG_9068 (Medium)
Little J singing songs while I paint.

On Thursday I realized I was running out of time. During the day I prepped the bathroom by removing everything from the walls: outlet covers, toilet paper holder and towel rack, and pictures. I had to call J's dad to get him to take off the toilet tank because I couldn't paint behind the toilet otherwise.

IMG_9072 (Medium)
My little helper rolling.

That night I started painting as soon as the kids were in bed.. or so I thought. I heard a little knock on the door. Little J was not sleepy. I knew I needed to get this done so I let him stay in the bathroom with me. I cut the entire room and then started rolling. Little J kept me company, staying up later than ever before. He was good company, chattering away, talking about this and that, and even getting us a snack at one point. I let him roll a bit of paint on to the wall and it was his job to look for any reddy-brown paint that I missed.

IMG_9073 (Medium)
And painting.

It was late when I was finally done so I sent Little J to bed and got everything cleaned up. I came back upstairs, exhausted, and found Little J passed out on the landing. He was upset he couldn't help clean up the brush and roller and didn't stay in bed. I scooped him up and put him in bed. He didn't even wake up and he slept in the next morning.

IMG_9186 (Medium)
The finished product: chocolate brown.

J's dad came over Friday evening and put the toilet tank back on while I put everything else back on the walls. The bathroom looks so much better now.

IMG_9188 (Medium)
Chocolate brown walls.

J got home Friday night while I was visiting my doula client, but when I got home we took him upstairs and showed him his surprise. With two excited kids horrible at keeping quiet, I'm impressed he didn't catch on - he even knew there was a surprise for him in the bathroom! He's happy with the bathroom and impressed we were able to pull it off. I'm impressed too. I still notice the new paint and smile. The chocolate brown looks great with the art we have in the bathroom and looks good with the blue paint in the bedroom. It's not perfect, but it's better and it was nice to surprise J.

Have you been doing any painting? Or any surprising?


  1. We've been wanting to repaint our bathroom for a while now. I think this post just rekindled that idea! Nice job. The color looks awesome with those canvas pieces.

  2. We've been wanting to repaint our bathroom for a while now. I think this post just rekindled that idea! Nice job. The color looks awesome with those canvas pieces.