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Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Feature #15: Maven of Mayhem

All the blogs I read I like for one reason or another. Sometimes it's a friend's blog and following is a good way to keep in touch, or it's someone I met through Facebook or Twitter and have come to know them because of their writing. Other times it's because the blog interests me or the information is pertinent to my doula business.

Feedly has a Must Read category and I love that it opens to that category when I open the app on my phone. I get to read my favourite blogs as soon as they're published. One of my favourites isn't updated as frequently as I would like, but I always read it as soon as there's a new post. The Maven of Mayhem is written by local Ottawa girl Amanda. She's hilarious. What's even better is that she's hilarious on Twitter too (follow @MavenOfMayhem). This is definitely a blog you should be reading.

I was going to try and describe what her blog is all about but I think you should just go check it out. Start with her All About the Maven page and go from there. You won't regret it.

Friday Feature is a way for me to share some of my favourite Canadian bloggers. Why am I focusing on Canadian  bloggers? Well, some of my favourite blogs are Canadian and I think we have a lot to offer. I hope you'll check them out and tell them I sent you!

If you'd like your blog featured or know of an awesome Canadian blog please leave a comment.


  1. Ahh I hadn't read her blog before but she is great. I'm not funny so I like reading stuff by people who really are. Thanks for pointing her out!