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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Date night

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Date dinner.

I'll be turning 33 soon and when I turned 31 I was given a gift card to a restaurant nearby with the added benefit of the kids being watched by the giver, my sister-in-law. The perfect parent gift: free food and time away from the kids. A couple of nights ago we rescued that card from my wallet and went out!

Since SJ has since moved away, J's parents came over to have dinner with the kids. I put on a nice shirt and some mascara - this is a big deal. Dinner at Moxie's was really good. I had the citrus arugula salad with chicken and J had a big steak. We ordered an appetizer and we each had a drink. We skipped dessert but only because we were so full.

The greatest part of the night was the conversation. It moved along, going wherever it wanted to go, covering all sorts of topics. My only wish was that we had time to go back and follow other paths, delving more into certain things. After almost 13 years together I'm happy to have learned new things about J and I hope he learned something new about me.

We talked about getting out more, going on more dates. We have his parents in town and willing to take the kids, but we almost always stay and visit with them too. As in, we hardly go somewhere together without the kids and we need to. We need to spend more time together doing fun stuff. More dating. So we resolved to use his parents more and I know that sounds bad, and the word J used was leverage. We need to make use of the fact that they live closeby and are willing and able to take the kids so we can go out. We have another gift card, this time for the movies, that we just might use soon.

What about you? Do you often get out with your partner? Is date night a regular thing for you?

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