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Friday, January 24, 2014

Currently, birthday edition

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Taken late last night.

It's Friday, it's my birthday, time for some fun!


I'm currently watching a couple of things. We're keeping on top of Modern Family and sloooowly catching up on Homeland. By myself I'm watching Switched at Birth, Call the Midwife, a documentary called It's a Girl about the gendercide happening in India and China, and the movie What To Expect When You're Expecting. What To Expect was a decent movie, better than I was expecting. I gave up on Gossip Girl and am waiting for some episodes of Parenthood so I can finally catch up on that. And who can forget Frozen? Do you want to build a snowman?

I'm reading two books right now. J.K. Rowling's alter ego Robert Galbraith's The Cuckoo's Calling
and Simplicity Parenting as recommended by Delta. One's a detective novel set in London and the other is a parenting book that will either go right over my head or change my life.

I'm looking forward to cake and other birthday fun this weekend! I might have to put up the Happy Birthday banner myself just like last year, and bake myself a cake, but who cares!

I'm reflecting on getting older and the last year and thinking about what I want for my 34th year. And trying to not feel old.

I'm loving sneaking into the kids' rooms at night, long after they've fallen asleep, to make sure they're okay. We check that they're in their beds, that the covers are on, that everyone's still beathing. We smile  at arms flailed out, legs hanging off the bed, and bums in the air. We tiptoe out and close the door as quietly as possible. It's my favourite part of the day.

I'm wishing my house would organize itself. I walk past the pile of Christmas bins, and piles of papers, and literally step over toys everywhere. I want a place for everything (and everything in its place) but is that even possible? I just don't think so.

I'm hearing no a lot these days - being turned down by potential doula clients, and not being accepted for bloggy things. It's hard. Hearing yes just makes me feel good, it makes those nos easier to swallow. I need a yes.

I'm feeling thankful for quiet time at the end of the day, time to work on my doula business, friends who bring over cookies, and my not-so-little cat.


I'm over at Ottawa Mommy Club with some of my kids' favourite library books and talking about a fun but freezing activity to do outside with the kids.


Hang in there, friends, January's almost over. Tell me what you're watching or reading or doing. I want to know! Thanks to Danielle from Sometimes Sweet for the inspiration for this post today.

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  1. Happy birthday! Hope it's fun and you get as much cake as you want!