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Monday, January 27, 2014

Birthday birthday!

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Friday I turned 33 and we celebrated for an entire week!

First up was birthday dinner last weekend with J's family. My birthday is close to J's grandmother's birthday so we celebrate together. We had a big dinner at J's parent's house with singing and cake and presents. I got a gift card for a restaurant so I have a date night with J in my future!

My actual birthday was Friday and it was a typical Friday except I took the kids to Target and bought some cute, hooded towels for them, and some birthday things for me (cake mix and icing, some chips). I was hoping to get a new bikini for our cruise but the selection was limited (like, two. Just two.)

IMG_9848 (Medium)
Thrilled with their shark towels.

We grabbed Wendy's on the way home and got Little J to the bus. The afternoon was normal - I can't even remember what Little K and I did - and we got Little J from the bus when it was time. My parents were supposed to come over for dinner but my dad wasn't feeling well so they didn't. Instead we packed up the kids and tried out the new Chinese place in our neighbourhood. The food was really good. I don't get Chinese often so it was nice.

IMG_9862 (Medium)
J and Little K at the Chinese restaurant.

IMG_9863 (Medium)
Little J drawing a snail.

After getting the kids to bed I headed out to a friend's house where she was having some girls over to celebrate her birthday. They sang to me when I got there and we ate tons of food and cookies and cake and chatted for hours. Even though I didn't feel like leaving my warm house I'm glad I went.

Saturday morning I got to sleep in and J made me breakfast in bed. We hurried to swimming lessons where a kid puked in the pool so they were cut short. But that gave us more time at home before Little L's birthday party. It was at a gynmastics place in Orleans. The first hour the kids got led around the gym by a coach. J and I weren't sure how the kids, especially Little K, would do, but they did great. Little J was good at holding his sister's hand and staying close to her. The second hour was food and cake in a party room but we had to get back home so we left early.

IMG_9866 (Medium)
Birthday fun at gymnastics.

At home our friends were already there. We had spaghetti dinner complete with party hats, a kids' table, and cake and ice cream. The kids had a great time playing.

_MG_2220.CR2 (Medium)
The kids' table.

IMG_9875 (Medium)
My peeps.

Sunday morning my parents came over and in the afternoon J's parents were over. I managed to get a bunch of stuff organized in between visits and felt productive. It was a great birthday week and I'm still enjoying cake and cookies and cupcakes that people brought over. Happy birthday to me!

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  1. Happy belated birthday! It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday week!

    And so wonderful that you are going on a cruise. As for places to buy - I'd think this time of year somewhere like Bikini Village is probably your best bet. Last year, I got my stuff from one of the underwear stores (name evades me at the moment) at Trainyards but I'm pretty sure they just do swimwear seasonally.

    Do your kids cruise with you? I'd been wondering about that as a vacation option...

    Again - all the best for 33!