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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wordless Wednesday and iPPP: What we do when J's away

J is in New York City this week for work. Last time he went was January and it was a long week. This time I expect it will be better.

So what do we do when Dad's away? Pretty much the same stuff during the day, we go easy on dinner in the evening, and I relax the bed time routines. Oh, and we eat cupcakes for breakfast.

IMG_8954 (Medium)
Cupcake by Cakeadoodledoo.
Somebody's happy with her cupcake.

IMG_8957 (Medium)
Cupcake by Cakeadoodledoo.
Little J picked the snowflake one and then didn't eat the snowflakes.

IMG_8962 (Medium)
Wearing goggles at Costco.
We got more than a few looks when Little J insisted on wearing his goggles at Costco. It doesn't bother me. What bothers me is when people judge my parenting by telling my children to do something. If my child is standing in the cart then I say it's okay. I know he could fall and I've told him. He holds on and we're careful. If/when he falls, we will deal with it. I will parent my own child. /rant

IMG_8975 (Medium)
Skype-ing with Dad.
A highlight of our day Monday was at 7pm when we Skype'd with J. It's nice being able to see his face and hear his voice when he's away.

IMG_8988 (Medium)
Top secret mission.
Our secret mission for the week took us to Lowe's, which is where I was when I got the call from a client. The rest of my day wasn't as I'd planned but it worked out.

Thank goodness for Skype, distractions in the form of advent calendar activities, and a secret mission to focus on this week. And babies, thank goodness for cute, cute babies.


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  1. I love that he needed his goggles! If people question you, screw 'em. They can grocery shop for you if you're not doing it right. ;)

  2. Yay for cupcake breakfasts! When my hubs is away, I have cake or brownies for dinner. :)

  3. Cupcake breakfasts are awesome! Glad you do some fun things like that when you're on your own.