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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Slumber party

This past Saturday was a special day for us. We had our friends over and then they went out to a party and left their girls with us. Slumber party! The kids, all 4 of them, were so excited.

IMG_9252 (Medium)
Dinner with 4 kids was a little crazy.

First was spaghetti dinner with homemade bread. It might have been a bad choice, but the kids did well and didn't get too mucky.

IMG_9255 (Medium)
Little K just loves Little E.

My kids are all about Little E, Little K especially loves her and can't get enough.

IMG_9263 (Medium)
J reading books to the older 3.

We got everyone ready for bed and got Little E down and then J read books to the older 3. Little JH went to pretty easily and our 2 were up super late. They aren't great at sleeping together.. they get too excited. Finally Little K passed out and eventually Little J did too.

When A&S got back, they decided to stay over instead of heading home in the crazy snowstorm we were having. We gave them some comfy clothes and set up them up in the basement. I did a double take when A walked by thinking it was J. They looked the same both dressed in J's clothes!

IMG_9272 (Medium)
The kids playing together the next morning. Little E is in there too somewhere.

The next morning the girls were up early so I sent them down to A&S where hey hung out until my crew woke up. I snuck in a nap while everyone else had breakfast. The kids were so excited that the girls had stayed the whole night and just loved playing with their friends.

IMG_9275 (Medium)
Little K loving on Little E.

Hugs all around before our friends left. It was a great time and I'm glad we were able to watch the girls and let our friends go out. Eventually it will be me and J going out. For now we'll stay in and party with the younger crowd.

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