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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

We had a great Christmas! It was full of friends and family, toys and food.  We started our Christmas prep December 1st with our advent activities, had two turkey dinners with friends, a few parties, and then two big family dinners Christmas Day and Boxing Day. We have another family dinner tomorrow night, but I'm calling Christmas over.

The kids are happy with everything they got and I'm glad to say that J and I stayed with the 4-gift plan. We bought practical things for each other and I joked that J's trying to tell me to cook more (he bought me a pot and a cookbook).

We got to spend time with J's sister and my brother and his wife, and enjoyed Christmas over two days so it wasn't as rushed as previous years.

I'll leave you with some pictures.

IMG_9473 (Medium)
Christmas Eve books with aunt S.

IMG_9500 (Medium)
Sharing a pre-dinner candycane.

IMG_9504 (Medium)
Playing blocks with aunt C.

IMG_9509 (Medium)
J and his dad playing the guitar.

IMG_9511 (Medium)
Little K gets in on the guitar action.

_MG_2008.CR2 (Medium)
Opening their presents from Santa Christmas Day.

_MG_2014.CR2 (Medium)
Modelling her new penguin hat from SugarBoogerz.

_MG_2028.CR2 (Medium)

_MG_2035.CR2 (Medium)
A quiet moment.

_MG_2038.CR2 (Medium)
Father-son quiet moment.

_MG_2043.CR2 (Medium)
More presents Boxing Day.

_MG_2047.CR2 (Medium)
Little J and his uncle.

IMG_9515 (Medium)
Reading with uncle S and aunt M.

I'm all set to start taking down the decorations tomorrow but J is adamant that they stay up until the New Year. We'll see who wins this battle. (Me.)

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