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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Advent Activities: Week 4 and Christmas Eve

IMG_2109 (Medium)
Our advent tree.

It's not a whole week this 4th week, but I had to go with what I've been doing all along. Today is Christmas Eve and all through the house... no, wait. Today was our 24th day of Christmas-y activities. Whoo! Made it!

But let's go back a bit first.

December 20 - Dipped Marshmallows
We did this activity last year and the kids loved it. What's not to love when you have marshmallows and sprinkles? I put three marshmallows on skewers for each kid, and gave them a bowl of water, and bowls of sprinkles. They dip the marshmallow in the water and then into whatever colour sprinkles they want. Then they get to eat them. It's perfect. You can also use melted chocolate and I might when they get a bit older.

IMG_9389 (Medium)
Dipping marshmallows.

IMG_9395 (Medium)
Marshmallow + sprinkles = yum!

December 21 - Christmas parties
We had two parties planned for today so I made that our activity knowing we wouldn't have much time at home. The first party was a big one with lots of kids and activities and food. There was a book exchange and I took this picture right after. This wasn't even all the kids that were there. It was a good time and I had fun chatting with my friends too.

IMG_9405 (Medium)
Kids Christmas party

The second party was a Christmas dinner with our close friends. I was too busy prepping food and chatting, and then eating and opening presents, to take many pictures. The kids played and watched Prep and Landing before dinner, and after was present time! Lots of great presents and a nice time with our friends.

IMG_9414 (Medium)
Kids zoned out watching Prep and Landing.

December 22 - Window clings
We're in the middle of a big storm but thankfully the ice part has passed us for the most part, but we stayed inside and I got out this window clings/gels that I got at Target. The kids love these things and the ones we have are getting old (read: ripped and broken and don't stick well anymore). Even though the kids don't keep the pieces where I'd like them, they like them so I'm happy. We put these ones on our mirrored closet doors in the front hall so we'll see them all the time.

IMG_9441 (Medium)
Pattern power!

IMG_9442 (Medium)
Poor snowman is in pieces.

December 23 - Babies!
Today was jam-packed so I didn't get an activity in for the kids, but they did get to see all sorts of babies. They love babies! In the morning our friends came over to exchange gifts. Little J and Little C got a little wild, but they had a great time. They were both so happy to see Baby W.

IMG_9445 (Medium)
Little K, Little J, Little C and Baby W.

In the afternoon we had my family Christmas and the kids got to see Baby L, my cousin's one-year-old. She recently learned to walk so it's still a lumbering walk, but she was all about the hugs and would lumber over and wrap her arms around the kids. It was so cute.

IMG_9452 (Medium)
Playing with Baby L.

In the evening we had a party with J's friends from high school. This group of friends has started having kids, so there were lots of kids and babies around. It was nice to finally meet some of the little ones.

December 24 - Open one present (Christmas PJs)
I love the tradition of opening one gift on Christmas Eve. I didn't get Christmas pjs this year, but they like them. Win!

_MG_1998.CR2 (Medium)
Opening their pjs.

And that is 24 Christmas-y activities. Whew! Tomorrow's Christmas so I'm going to bed. Merry Christmas!

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