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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Advent activities: Week 3

IMG_2109 (Medium)
Our advent tree.
So many things to do, so little time! Here's another update on our advent activities this month.

December 14 - Make robots
J had promised Little J they'd make robots on the weekend so Saturday came around and Little J was excitedly reminding his dad and J was scrambling around trying to find some cardboard. He found some boxes that would work and got out paint and scissors and pipe cleaners.. all sorts of things. This was an elaborate craft, and Little K didn't want to be left out. They each made a robot, named them, and have been playing with them ever since.

IMG_9238 (Medium)
Serious robot building.

IMG_9245 (Medium)
Harold on the left and Baby on the right.

December 15 - Santa Claus craft
I was called to a birth before figuring out what to do for our activity this day. It was Little J who reminded his dad and came up with an idea. J cut out the shapes for the kids to make a Santa Claus. I love what they came up with! {I've blanked out their names.}

IMG_9284 (Medium)
Santa Claus craft.

December 16 - Wrap presents
J had the day off so I had him wrap some presents with the kids while I went to Costco by myself. We had our first Christmas dinner that night and needed a gift wrapped so it was perfect timing. The kids wrapped presents for their friends and got to open a present that night.

December 17 - Elf craft
This was another last minute decision, but the craft activities are such a big hit that we went with another one, an elf this time. {Again, that's just me blanking out their names.}

IMG_9328 (Medium)
Working away.
IMG_9318 (Medium)
Little J is very proud of his elves.

IMG_9327 (Medium)
Little J's elf craft.

IMG_9332 (Medium)
Little K's elf craft.

December 18 - Reindeer craft
Little J came up with this reindeer craft and I wasn't about to say no. I cut out pieces for the body, nose, antlers, and legs and let the kids do their thing. 

IMG_9336 (Medium)
Little K chose pink.

IMG_9339 (Medium)
And made a mom and baby reindeer.

IMG_9334 (Medium)
Little J went with blue.

IMG_9340 (Medium)
And named his reindeer Snowflake (spelled SFLC).

December 19 - Gingerbread men garland
I found this in Target and pulled it out for today's activity. The kids got gingerbread men to decorate and then J strung them all together to make a garland. They're hanging right above our new craft wall. It's a very festive wall.

IMG_9364 (Medium)
Our craft wall.

IMG_9368 (Medium)
Happy gingerbread men.

Christmas is almost here and there's no way we're going to do all the things on my list. That's okay.. we're having fun!

Left to do:

- Watch Rudolph
- Watch Frosty the Snowman
- Watch Lanny and Wayne
- Make candycane reindeer
- Make dipped marshmallows
- Make paper snowflakes

- Drive around and look at the lights
- Sing Christmas carols
December 21 - Christmas party
December 24 - Open 1 present (traditional Christmas Even pjs!)

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