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Monday, December 9, 2013

Advent activities: Week 1

IMG_2109 (Medium)
25 days of Christmas

Day 1: Put up and decorate the tree
For our first activity we decided to put up and decorate the tree. This was Sunday before J left for the week. I knew I'd be doing little activities while he was gone and this was a bigger one, and one J wanted to be around for. We had fun looking at all the ornaments and talking about eventually getting a bigger tree. This is a hand-me-down from J's grandparents who thought it was too skinny!

IMG_8948 (Medium)
Little K and J and a pile of ornaments.

_MG_1958.CR2 (Medium)
This year was Little K's turn to put the star on the tree.

_MG_1964.CR2 (Medium)
The Littles in front of the tree.

Day 2: Watch Frosty
On my first day of solo parenting I decided an easy activity was good and turned on Frosty the Snowman for us. This was right after breakfast before we made our weekly trip to Costco.
IMG_8959 (Medium)
What's better than cartoons in bed??

Day 3: Decorate the back door
I got out our window markers and let the kids go crazy on the window. In the past I've drawn some festive things (for spring and summer and other times) but I took advantage of the distraction and made myself breakfast.

IMG_8981 (Medium)
Starting out.

IMG_8983 (Medium)
Going wild!

Day 4: Colour in Christmas colouring books
This was another easy activity but the kids loved it! I can't even count the number of Rudolphs that have been coloured in the past week. They're getting good at colouring his nose red, but otherwise they use their imaginations.

IMG_9013 (Medium)
Rudolph and more Rudolph!

IMG_9017 (Medium)
My happy little colourers.

Day 5: Christmas music
I got a Little People Christmas songs CD on a buy&sell group. The kids love it and it reminds me of sitting with all my classmates in the gym with the lyrics being projected onto the high wall. We'd yell out the non-lyrics to Rudolph (you know, ... had a very shiny nose LIKE A LIGHTBULB!) and get in trouble every time. I'm teaching my kids those lyrics so they can go and share with their friends. We've listened to the CD a dozen times and had an epic dance party after dinner one night. And is it just me, or can you not help but hear 5 GOLDEN TOUQUES and 2 TURTLENECKS and a BEER.. IN A TREE! Seriously.

IMG_9038 (Medium)
Dance party fun!

December 6 - Christmas tree craft
I had some pre-cut shapes so I gave the kids a Christmas tree shape, "ornaments" and some glue and they went wild creating their masterpieces. Little J is so proud of his craft that he taped it up in his room. I love that we'll have these little crafts to look at year after year.

IMG_9092 (Medium)
Crafting a Christmas tree.

IMG_9096 (Medium)
Little K was so serious.

IMG_9099 (Medium)
Little J with the final product.

December 7 - Santa Claus parade
This was one of the few scheduled events we have planned this month. The annual Santa Claus parade in Manotick. It was about 20 degrees warmer than last year so it was a good time. Little K's favourite part was a dancing gingerbread man that went by and Little J liked Santa best. It was fun seeing people we knew in the parade and running into some friends.

IMG_9114 (Medium)
My fam with J's mom.

IMG_9119 (Medium)
Little J with J's dad.

IMG_9117 (Medium)
Little K on her dad's shoulders.

Week 1 of this adventure was a busy one with J away and a doula client going into labour so I strayed from the list I made, but I'm not worried. This is about having fun with the kids in the days leading up to Christmas.

We have lots more fun coming up. Are you doing something similar this year? I'd love to hear about it.

Left to do:
 Take Christmas card picture
 - Write a letter to Santa
 Read Christmas books
 Make paper chain garland
 Go see Santa at the mall
 Watch Rudolph
 Make cards for teachers/friends
 - Watch Frosty the Snowman
 Make candy cane reindeer
 Watch Lanny and Wayne
 - Make paper snowflakes
 Salt dough ornaments
 Wrap presents
 Drive around and look at lights
 - Sing Christmas carols
December 21 Christmas party* 
December 24 - Open 1 present (the traditional Christmas Eve pjs!)*
December 25 - Merry Christmas!

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