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Friday, December 13, 2013

Advent activites: Week 2

IMG_2109 (Medium)
Our advent tree.
This was a much easier week - J is home from NYC, I didn't have a doula client, and it was so snowy and cold we hardly left the house. Lots of time to do fun things.

December 8 - Watch Charlie Brown Christmas
It was after dinner when I realized we hadn't done our activity for the day so I chose another Christmas special for us to watch. The kids didn't want to watch it, but we made them, and they ended up liking it. I can't believe I hadn't noticed before, but they say the word stupid a few times. This is a bad word in our house and I wish it wasn't in the show.

December 9 - Decorate Gingerbread Family
I grabbed this kit from the grocery store and opened it up for our activity after breakfast. What I wasn't counting on was Little K eating these cookies all day. Little J was so focused on getting the little candies placed exactly where he wanted them, and when he finally tried a piece, he didn't like the candies! He declared the activity a failure and pouted. He finally tried a piece without the candy and liked it and all was right in the world.

IMG_9134 (Medium)
Happy kids.

IMG_9141 (Medium)
Little K digging in.

IMG_9152 (Medium)
Why eat the cookie when you can just lick the icing?
December 10 - Snowman craft
This was another last-minute activity that I threw together after dinner. I cut out the shapes the kids would need to make a snowman: 3 white circles, an orange triangle, a black hat, some brown sticks. The end result is adorable, and totally not what I was picturing!

IMG_9164 (Medium)
J helping Little K.

IMG_9180 (Medium)
Little J's snowman.

IMG_9175 (Medium)
Little K's snowman.

December 11 - Christmas nails
We love painting our nails so after breakfast and a bath I cut everyone's nails and got out all my red and green polish. Little J was so crabby when I wouldn't let him have pink too and he's been crusty about his nails ever since. Fail. I love seeing their little nails in red and green and am glad Little K is happy with hers. We'll be adding some pink to Little J's nails so he'll stop complaining.

IMG_9220 (Medium)
Red and green nails.

December 12 - Visit Santa
Every year we take the kids to a little mall near where we used to live to visit Santa. We make an evening out of it and have dinner out. This year a friend of mine told me that Santa would be at a bank in our neighbourhood. J was happy we wouldn't have far to drive and wouldn't have to pay for dinner out. The kids were excited, but so very shy when we got there. There was no line up so we went right up to Santa and had what I'm sure is an awesome picture taken. It was all done in less than 10 minutes and we were home eating dinner like nothing happened. Even though it was quick and easy I miss our little tradition from the last few years, but the kids kept saying how much fun they had.

IMG_9201 (Medium)
Not thrilled with Santa.

IMG_9206 (Medium)
They let me pose them in front of the tree.

December 13 - Salt dough ornaments
This morning we mixed up some salt and flour and water and made our ornaments. It was almost a bust because the dough just wasn't working and every time I moved an ornament from the counter to the cookie sheet it fell apart. I'm a genius and eventually realized we could just made the ornaments on the cookie sheet. Crisis averted. They baked for hours and the kids painted them when Little J got home from school. They're drying now but will be put on the tree tomorrow.

IMG_9217 (Medium)

IMG_9216 (Medium)

IMG_9218 (Medium)
Ornaments drying.

Like I said, it was a pretty good week, even if the kids weren't super happy about everything we did. I just hope this whole thing - these 24 activities - will help them appreciate the season.

Left to do:
 Take Christmas card picture(if this ever happens)

 - Write a letter to Santa
 Read Christmas books
 Make paper chain garland
 Watch Rudolph
 Make cards for teachers/friends
 - Watch Frosty the Snowman
 Make candy cane reindeer (probably going to switch this out for dipped marshmallows)
 Watch Lanny and Wayne
 - Make paper snowflakes
 Wrap presents
 Drive around and look at lights
 - Sing Christmas carols
December 21 Christmas party* 
December 24 - Open 1 present (the traditional Christmas Eve pjs!)*
December 25 - Merry Christmas!

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