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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wordless Wednesday and iPPP: Snow day!

IMG_8875 (Medium)
Snow day!

The forecast was for a big storm. The result: 20 cm of fresh snow when we woke up today. Bus cancelled - full on snow day!

IMG_8862 (Medium)
They wanted to skip breakfast on go right outside.

The kids were so excited.. Little K less so when I told her it wasn't Christmas. She equates snow with Christmas.

IMG_8868 (Medium)
They practically jumped out the door and into the snow.

Both kids weren't happy with me when I told them we needed to get them their flu shots before we could play. But an hour later, we were all geared up and ready to go. We started in the backyard. Little K could hardly walk!

IMG_8870 (Medium)
Truly a winter wonderland.

We made a little snowman. The snow was perfect for snowballs but rolling big balls wasn't happening. Little K happily knocked it over and them they both jumped on it. We made snow angels and threw snow at the shed and the trees.

IMG_8880 (Medium)
He never stood a chance.

We moved to the front yard where the kids played and I shovelled. J had snowblowed before he left for work this morning so the shovelling was easy.

IMG_8886 (Medium)
That's a big driveway.

I finally dragged them inside and put all their gear in the dryer so Little J could go to school in dry stuff. Good thing too - they played outside most of the afternoon.

IMG_8887 (Medium)
Little J loving the snow.

IMG_8890 (Medium)
Little K in the snow.

Now we're eating popcorn and watching a movie. A good little day.


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  1. They are so cute, and HAPPY! I wouldn't be so happy.....I've gotten grumpy about snow in my old age. Ha! But it sure looks pretty and fresh in your pictures!

  2. Too cute! Love those smiles. When I moved back up north for a few years after living in the south for decades, I was so excited for the snow, but then I quickly realized that snow as an adult means shoveling and stressful driving. Would love to be able to enjoy it again the way your littles do.

  3. I love all the fluffy, white snow! We're in the middle of a blizzard here and I secretly kind of like it (even if I don't get to have a snow day).

  4. nice wintercoat your daughter has with these little hearts on it.
    what have you done with it after she grown out of it?