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Monday, November 18, 2013

Travel documents

Now that our travel plans are taking shape (whoo! cruise!) we need to get our documents ready. We all need passports.

J has a valid passport so he's all good. My passport expired last April and I had set out to get it renewed but wanted to wait until the new 10-year passports came out. I waited and waited and then forgot. I have the application all filled out and got my pictures taken. Thankfully they're good for a year so I don't have to redo them.

I was looking on the Passport Canada website and got the forms for the kids' passports. I filled them out and we'll get Little J's picture done tomorrow. Little K let me have hers done last week.

Sidenote: It's possibly the cutest picture of her. She isn't smiling but she's about to and I just love it.

Then I was double checking that I had all the right paperwork when I came across proof of parentage. Turns out you need a long-form birth certificate to apply for your kid's passport. The long-term certificate has parents names on it.

Service Ontario has an online application for birth, death and marriage certificates and it was really easy to use, but it's another step in the process, more money to pay, more time to wait, before I can get their passports.

So just in case you're thinking of traveling and need to get passports for your kids, you might want to look into the applications now in case there's something like this that will take more time. And if you're just having a baby now, you might want to order a regular birth certificate and the long-form one at the same time. You're going to need it.

My kids' long-form birth certificates should be here in 2 weeks and then I'll send in the passport applications. I'm not sure how long they take, but I'm starting to realize why people book vacations so far in advance. No more last minute travel for us.

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  1. I applied for our little guy's passport in early Nov. Luckily I had gotten the long form birth certificate after he was born. There was no lineup at Meadowlands and we got his passport in the mail in 5 days. Easier than I expected actually! Minus the whole getting a 7 month old to sit still for a photo, of course...