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Saturday, November 30, 2013

The flu shot

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Checking out his flu shot.
Last week I took the kids to Shoppers (a drug store) to get our flu shots. They weren't happy but they were game. Did you know you have to be 5 years old to get your flu shot at the pharmacy? I didn't. I was the only one old enough so I got my shot and we wandered around the store for the required 15 minutes. We found some good Christmas gifts and had a good time.

Then we had a huge snow storm Tuesday night and Wednesday that left us with almost a foot of snow. The kids were desperate to play outside but J called our doctor's office and found out we didn't need an appointment to get them their shots if we went that morning. Off to the doctor.

The kids weren't happy, but there were some cute moments, like when Little J told his sister he'd hold her hand. They both got their flu shot, but there were lots of tears. The tears dried while they had their suckers and we waited the necessary 15 minutes.

The other cute thing? Little J thinks his bandaid is his flu shot. He was upset when I told him I took mine off.

Little K on the other hand hates bandaids and didn't want to see it or talk about it. Every diaper change she would yank up her pants to cover it. Poor girl.

We are all flu-shotted now and I really hope it's enough to keep us from getting sick. Last year I had the flu and it was awful.

NaBloPoMo November 2013

Friday, November 29, 2013
Tell us how you feel about endings.
I'm generally okay with endings as long as they go how I want them to go. When books and movies are wrapped up nicely I'm a happy girl. When labour ends and a baby is born, I'm happy. When I no longer have to blog every day, even though it was a self imposed challenge, I'm happy.

So long, November/ That was fun.

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  1. Good to know everyone got their flu shots. It wouldn’t be advisable if someone was left without it, even if we say he/she’s still young and strong. You might be surprised, but it is a mistake some parents still dare to make.