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Friday, November 29, 2013

Homemade bird feeder

IMG_3910 (Medium)
A happy little bird feeder.
The kids love birds and so in the spring I got the genius idea to make a bird feeder. I found a quick tutorial online for one using an orange juice carton. The kids were super excited. Too bad they couldn't actually do much of this craft - the carton was too thick for them to cut through. No matter, they watched while I cut two rectangular holes and then giggled while I struggled to pierce two holes in the top of the carton. I figured out an easier way to put the string in (cut a slit on either side and pull the string up) and then we literally ran outside to hang it up.

The kids picked the tree and the branch and I tied a knot. Our masterpiece. I found some birdseed in the garage from years ago and loaded it up.

I don't think a single bird went in the feeder all summer. And you know what happens when you leave an orange juice container outside for half a year? It gets really gross.

IMG_8849 (Medium)

Our little bird feeder got taken down and thrown out. Jury's out on whether we'll make one next year.

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