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Friday, November 1, 2013


Halloween this year was the best yet. My little Spiderman and giraffe had a great time!

IMG_8574 (Medium)
Ready to go!
The forecasted rain held off so we were able to go out without umbrellas. We went all the way around the block (last year we only made it about a quarter of the way) and the kids got so much candy. They were so cute - a quiet trick-or-treat, a mumbled thank you, and sometimes an excited Happy Halloween!

_MG_1876.CR2 (Medium)
Our pumpkins.

I got a few more Halloween decorations this year and love that I finally got to play with the cobwebs that I've seen on so many houses. It was fun!

Our pumpkins turned out - we went with simple faces this year and the little one that Little J got on his field trip makes me giggle. So angry.

IMG_8558 (Medium)
Carving madness.
We left the carving until the night before, but better late than never (unlike our trip to the pumpkin patch this year...) J did most of the work - the cleaning and carving - but the kids each got to pick a face and I drew them on.

_MG_1852.CR2 (Medium)
Checking out the pumpkin face.
IMG_8556 (Medium)
Little K can't hide her disgust.
This is the annual picture that I make them pose for before they get to go inside and check out all their loot.

_MG_1865.CR2 (Medium)
At least Little K is smiling.
_MG_1863.CR2 (Medium)
Little K and Little J with neighbour A.

The kids were each allowed one piece of candy, which turned into two. J had a bunch and I managed to not have any. At least that night... today's a different story!

IMG_8581 (Medium)
Not even all of it.
Because J and I both went out with the kids we weren't around to hand out candy. I bought two boxes and we were only home for about 10 trick-or-treaters. We have a lot of junk in the house. And we still have some left over from last year. I will be searching for ideas for left over candy and will probably be freezing a bunch.

I hope you had a great Halloween too!

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