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Sunday, November 10, 2013

First Snow

IMG_8669 (Medium)
First snow.

We had our first snow of the season Friday. To say the kids were excited is an understatement.

IMG_8665 (Medium)
The kids couldn't contain their excitement.

They spent a long time looking out the window and Little K kept saying that Santa was coming. I think it's going to be a long wait until Christmas for her.

IMG_8666 (Medium)
Going out, finally.

I bundled us all up and out we went. I taught them how to tilt their heads back and open their mouths to catch falling flakes of snow.

IMG_8667 (Medium)
Shoveling more leaves than snow.

They taught me that even the smallest amount of snow is enough for shoveling and snow angels.

IMG_8671 (Medium)
Snow angels.

And just because there's snow on the lawn that doesn't mean you can't zip around the driveway on your red car.

IMG_8676 (Medium)
Red car fun.

We have a long winter ahead of us but the first snow is always so pretty and welcome.

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