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Tuesday, November 5, 2013


IMG_8589 (Medium)
A girl and her cat.

Following the lead of one of my favourite bloggers, Danielle from Sometimes Sweet, I bring you... Currently.

Reading: I've read some great books lately but then I ran out so I turned to my doula library. I have lots of books about pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding, some that I haven't read. The one I'm reading now it called The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth. I think anyone giving birth in today's medical system should read this.

Watching: Not much these days actually and I definitely feel like I need to just sit in front of the tv for a good chunk of time. Do you ever feel that way?

Working on: Some blog posts for the Ottawa Mommy Club blog. I'm finding it difficult to write review posts even when it's a product I love. And then there's this blogging every day thing....

Getting annoyed by: All the drama coming out of Toronto politics. I'm not one for politics, though I do vote every chance I get, it's just not something I'm all that interested in. This is invading my Twitter and some of my Facebook. It'll be nice when it passes. (If you are interested and haven't heard, search "Rob Ford".)

Laughing at: These lovely images showing up on my phone's camera roll. They're from an app I got for the kids. Little J found it and loves it. Apparently you decorate a Christmas tree and one of the buttons takes a picture and saves it to my phone. There are probably 20 or so of these pictures on my phone.

IMG_8631 (Medium)
Happy little Christmas tree.

Enjoying: The living room now that the fireplace is gone and the floor is finished enough so that the couches are against the wall. I'll write up a post about the whole thing, but we basically have a whole lot more room now. We brought down the cat perch which has been living in the tub in our bathroom for the past year or so (thankfully we have another tub). I don't know if Sandy the cat has noticed the perch's new location but the kids sure love it.

IMG_8628 (Medium)
All the toys go in the tube.

Doing: Graduating Little J to a big big bed. Little J has been complaining about his room for a while. We think he doesn't want to sleep alone so we've been tossing around the idea of bunk beds and putting the kids together, which seems weird to do when we have enough bedrooms for them each to have their own. J decided to break down Little J's converted crib and move the bed from Little K's room in. Little J is SO happy with his new bed. The bed isn't new though - J had it before and his dad before that. As long as my little guy is happy.

IMG_8625 (Medium)
Books before bed on the "new" bed.

Trying to: Comment more often on blogs I really enjoy. It's so easy to read blogs in a reader (I chose BlogLovin originally but ended up with Feedly which I like a lot more) and flip to the next one. But I know as a blogger that I love getting comments so I'm trying to share the love. But you should know, that even if I don't comment, I'm probably reading.

Loving: Selling the baby stuff we no longer need, taking the kids to Walmart for no reason, playing outside, dinners that cook themselves, and planning a trip (resort or cruise?)

NaBloPoMo November 2013

Tell us about your writing space. Where do you write your blog posts?

I write in a few places: at the computer in the basement (it's our family room), the computer in my bedroom (where my desk is set up and all my doula stuff is), on the laptop in bed, or (rarely) on my phone. I prefer the big computer downstairs because that's where our pictures are and if I want to put a watermark on a picture to use it in a post, I need to go down. I hardly use my phone, even though it's always with me, because typing on it is so much slower than a keyboard. I end up skipping words and the autocorrect can be ridiculous (I meant IKEA not Ike's.. I don't even know an Ike!)

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