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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Baby Gear: Potties

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Two little potties sitting on the floor.
In continuing with posts on Baby Gear, today we're talking potties. Potty training isn't a subject I talk about here, but it is something that all parents go through with their kids, either from the beginning with elimination communication or the typical toddler/preschooler training.

If you are doing elimination communication with your kids, kudos to you. It's a lot of work right from the beginning learning your child's signs and being vigilant about getting them to a potty or toilet quickly and regularly. Even if I had heard of it before having Little J I'm not sure we would have taken that route.

Instead we went with diapers and then potty training. Little J started asking for a potty much earlier than we expected and we scrambled around and finally borrowed a potty from a friend. His eagerness faded and it was months before he was interested again... time for us to get our act together and buy our own potty.

We bought a fun Elmo one. It congratulates the kids on a job well done. It's annoying and creepy, but the kids love it. Little K came along and wants to do everything her older brother does so now we have two potties, the second I bought used. It's the Fisher-Price frog potty and we like it a whole lot more than the Elmo potty and I'll tell you why. It's simple.

When you're looking at getting a potty, consider how easy it will be to clean because you're going to be cleaning that sucker a lot. Notice the yellow piece on the Elmo potty? It comes apart from the white part, which comes apart from the base. Pee gets in there. It's gross. Plus the red part is the part you have to clean. Yes, the red part you can hardly see because it's under the white part.

See the frog potty, how the blue part sits in the green part? That is one piece.. easy to dump and clean. No annoying seams collecting pee germs constantly.

And don't be tricked into thinking you don't need that bump up between the legs (the yellow piece on the Elmo potty) if you have a little girl. You do.

So my advice to you is to get a simple potty that will be easy to clean. We really like the frog potty, and I know Baby Bjorn has a similar style. I'm sure there are other brands too, but you can't go wrong with the frog potty or a Baby Bjorn.

Tell me, do you agree with my assessment of little toilets? 

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