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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wordless Wednesday and iPPP: Lately

IMG_8301 (Medium)

We've had some really nice weather lately. Nice enough to be wearing shorts and t-shirts at the park.

Speaking of the park, we've been a few times and my swing-hating little girl has morphed into someone who spends the entire two hours going back and forth and back and forth. This wouldn't be a problem except my little monkey man loves to get as high as possible.

My mama heart beats so fast inside my chest, waiting for him to fall but he never does.

Back and forth. Back and forth.


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  1. We're definitely past shorts weather now. In fact I heard someone mention the word snow the other day. I'm not believing it though.

  2. Yes, I remember those days. Watching them fly skyward. They will be okay -- but you do catch your breath a second.

  3. My daughter iscrazy about the swing, and thank goodness, she can pump her legs now! I kind of hate pushing the swings. Shhh.

    I totally get it about watching him go so high! You can probably hear me yelling at them to "be careful!!" the whole time they're outside. :)

    I love that picture....it looks like SUCH a beautiful day to get some sunshine!