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Thursday, October 17, 2013


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Looks just like Pinterest, right?

My post this year is going to be mostly a photo-dump. Thanksgiving weekend was so busy - we saw family and friends, and ate so much food. We spent Friday and Saturday visiting with people, and Sunday everyone came to us. We ate lasagna, turkey, ham, and roast chicken. We spent time inside and outside. It was everything Thanksgiving weekend is supposed to be and for that I am thankful.

Friday night - dinner with J's family at his grandparent's house.

IMG_8323 (Medium)
Only getting close to J's uncle D because he's reading a book.
Saturday - lunch with friends.

IMG_8332 (Medium)
Playing outside with Little R.
IMG_8335 (Medium)
Making poor L read to them.

Saturday - Big Thanksgiving dinner with J's entire family.

_MG_1634.CR2 (Medium)
Big family shot.

_MG_1669.CR2 (Medium)
A nice picture of my little family.

Sunday morning - Playing outside with my parents.

IMG_8355 (Medium)
Bubbles outside in mid-October.

Sunday lunch - J's parents and sister over.

IMG_8359 (Medium)
Sewing bears.

IMG_8372 (Medium)
Naps with dad on our dining room chairs.

IMG_8366 (Medium)
The finished bears.
Sunday dinner - Friends over.

_MG_1675.CR2 (Medium)
They only rake so they can jump.
_MG_1679.CR2 (Medium)
Thanksgiving dinner, take 2.
_MG_1687.CR2 (Medium)
Funny faces at dinner.
_MG_1688.CR2 (Medium)
This time making S read.
Monday - Dinner with friends.

IMG_8388 (Medium)
Hiding from Baby E.

IMG_8390 (Medium)
And now A is reading to them!

I hope you had a great Thanksigiving weekend. And if you're in the US and celebrating later, I look forward to reading about your long weekend too.

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  1. Glad you and your little readers had a great Thanksgiving! Too cute.