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Friday, October 11, 2013

Ribbit ribbit!

IMG_8010 (Medium)
Spot Little K!
It was more than 2 weeks ago that I took the kids to the Museum of Nature to see the Frogs exhibit. Hard to believe, but then I remembered that we didn't have internet at home for a week while we switched providers, and we've done other things since then. So I'm just getting to posting this now.

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I scored free tickets for the Frogs exhibit through the Ottawa Mommy Club (read my post there) and was glad when J's mom could come along. I knew there'd be some speaking at the beginning since it was a media preview and needed some way to entertain the kids.

IMG_8005 (Medium)
Avoiding a snake on the mini putt course.
While I listened to the speeches, Mimi and the kids eyed the mini-putt course that's set up in the outer of the two rooms where the exhibit is. The idea is that you need to avoid a frog's natural predators which I thought was really clever. The kids played mini-putt for a long time.

IMG_8020 (Medium)
The frog's as big as his head!
Then we went in to the second room where all the frogs were. They have 11 species on display in recreated native habitats. You can clearly see all the frogs and the habitats are low enough that I didn't have to pick up the kids a million times. We saw a big bullfrog and tiny poison dart frogs. We saw green ones and red ones, ones with spots and ones with tails - tadpoles! It's really incredible all the different kinds of frogs.

IMG_8028 (Medium)
Little K peering at a poison dart frog.
IMG_8021 (Medium)
Even in hiding you can easily find the frog.
We had a good time looking at all the frogs and playing with the extras along the way - you can watch videos of frogs eating and see all the stages from tadpole to adult frog with preserved specimens. The kids also really liked the lounge area where they could jump from rock to rock and pretend to swim. There was also a virtual dissection and a huge frog skeleton. Believe me, there is so much to learn and do at this exhibit.

IMG_8022 (Medium)
Stages of metamorphosis.
IMG_8032 (Medium)
Jumping and swimming.
Before we left we had a chance to check out a neat feature where you step on a frog picture on the floor. When you do a light flashes and that frog's sound plays over a speaker. The kids really liked this, running from picture to picture. We grabbed some colouring pages to take home because we were running out of time.

IMG_8034 (Medium)
Listening to frog sounds.
It's a really great exhibit and I hope we'll get another chance to go before it ends.

IMG_8035 (Medium)
Look up so you don't miss the whale.
Frogs – A Chorus of Colours is at the Museum of Nature until May 11, 2104. Admission to the exhibit is $4 on top of museum admission, a small price to pay for such a mesmerizing exhibit.

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