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Saturday, October 5, 2013

My 10K

So that 10K race I signed up for? It turned into a 5K race. I'm not super proud of myself, but I'll live. Truth is, running a 5K after not training much the month leading up to the race, was doable. Running a 10K would have hurt.

The South Ottawa Race Day is a well-organized event with a nice course, especially for the 5K, but is small enough that it's pleasant. This picture is all the 5K runners (except me) at the start line. Not very many.

IMG_8097 (Medium)
A beautiful day for a run.

And I love that they start the walkers 10 minutes later so there is no weaving around people walking who obviously lined up too far forward (the corral system at the bigger races is set up according to estimated finish time but you always end up with slow people ahead of you.)

The course starts and finishes on the racetrack (where horses race) and goes along a shaded old road for the rest. It's an out-and-back course which can be boring, but it's so nice cheering on other runners as they pass - whether it's because they're so much faster and already approaching 3K when you're just at 2K, or because you're approaching 3K while they're walking up to the 2K marker.

IMG_8099 (Medium)
My cheering squad.
I don't know what it was - the race atmosphere, my body actually feeling good - but I stopped only once at the half way point to have some water. And when I rounded the last curve on the track and spotted my cheering section I almost cried.

IMG_8110 (Medium)
Little J's sign.

There's something that gets me about races.. all the people there for the same purpose, training hard (or not) and finally doing what they set out to do, that makes me emotional. And now that I'm a mom, having my kids watch me run and showing them that being physically healthy is important, is so nice.

IMG_8108 (Medium)
Little K's sign. Yep, that's me.

I crossed the finish line with a decent time (around 31 minutes) and quickly found my family. I hugged my little friends and oohed and aahed at the signs they made. Obviously, they're the best signs. Little K's people slay me.

IMG_8102 (Medium)
Bounce! Bounce!
The weather was beautiful so we stuck around and checked out the kid's area. The bouncy castle was a hit until a kid jumped into Little K and she cried. And the reptiles were pretty neat. I've never seen an iguana on a leash before.

IMG_8100 (Medium)
Apparently it's a gerbil leash.

We got to meet Little J's French teacher, who he LOVES, and the girl who leads the playgroup at Tiny Hopper's (an indoor play place and daycare center). Little J was a happy camper.

IMG_8105 (Medium)
All done.

And I was a happy camper because I pulled out a decent time and had a great time being outside and active with my family. Maybe next year Little J will run with me.

Here's my post from South Ottawa Race Day last year.

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