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Tuesday, October 8, 2013


IMG_8245 (Medium)
Butterfly photo opp.

This was our third year at the Carleton butterfly show. It's a tradition and I love it.

IMG_8257 (Medium)
The deets in case you're thinking of going.

The butterfly show takes place at Carleton University in a greenhouse in the biology building. It's hot and muggy, but beautiful. The university receives 5 shipments of butterflies over the course of the show totaling 1300 butterflies and representing 41 species from around the world.

IMG_8223 (Medium)
Attempting to get the butterfly on the orange.

Volunteers are on hand to answer questions and hand out pieces of fruit. If you're lucky a little guy will land on the fruit and you can admire him close up.

IMG_8231 (Medium)
Helpful sign.

I really appreciate the sign with the different species on it. I know if I'm gazing at an Owl Butterfly or a Blue Morpho.

IMG_8234 (Medium)
The Owl Butterfly.

See the beauty of the Owl Butterfly? When he closes his wings, it looks like there's a much bigger creature peering out at you. It's a great way to scare off predators.

IMG_8235 (Medium)

This year was better than the last two because the kids are older and more aware and excited. Little K still had moments where she was scared and she insisted I carry her the whole time, but Little J was more excited than I've seen him.

IMG_8238 (Medium)
Butterflies close up!

He didn't have much luck getting a butterfly to land on his fruit so we actually went to one of the feeding stations set up around the greenhouse and grabbed an orange with a butterfly already on it. The butterfly happily munched away while Little J got to inspect it close up.

IMG_8248 (Medium)
A wall of butterflies.

Little K was happy to be out of the greenhouse and ran over to check out the wall of butterfly pictures. There was also the standard picture in front of the huge butterfly picture (at the top of this post). The species on the wall changes every year. You'll have to take my word for it until I can show you in a post tomorrow.

IMG_8253 (Medium)
The magic garden.

Before heading back home we checked out the area right near the greenhouse and explored the giant teepee set up and wandered near the water. This archway looks like it leads to a magical garden.

We lucked out with beautiful weather before the rain started and the crowds weren't bad while we were there. If you go, and I think you should, don't bring your stroller and wear a t-shirt. It's muggy in there.

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