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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wordless Wednesday and #iPPP: Little Hand

IMG_7988 (Medium)
Her little hand on my leg.

I never want to forget these moments. Moments I share with my little girl.

Now that Little J is in school, Little K and I are spending more time together just the two of us. Time when she isn't napping or nursing. We play, we read, we laugh, we watch tv. And sometimes we sit, often with her on my lap, sometimes with her hand on my leg.

And I lean down to smell her little head and her fine hair tickles my nose.


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  1. so sweet. so so sweet. Isn't that one on one time the best? I rather think Oscar enjoys having all his older sibs at school :) xo.

  2. So sweet. I miss those little dimpled hands. Even my youngest is stretching out... Enjoy every moment!!!

  3. The. Best.

    Erv and I have mornings together, too. It's a sweet time, mostly. I like hanging out with just him. :)