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Friday, September 13, 2013


IMG_7394 (Medium)
The ring ceremony.

My brother was married last February in Zanzibar, Africa. As you can imagine, they went alone, just the way they wanted, but to include family and friends they had a reception in Toronto this past weekend.

_MG_1261.CR2 (Medium)
The happy couple.

We had a chance to see them all dolled up, to pose for and take a million pictures, to celebrate them and see our family.

I went off Friday morning with MK (my sister-in-law), my mom, and MK's friends to get my hair done. This left J in charge of entertaining the kids all morning, feeding them lunch, and getting them ready. I definitely had the easier job.

The salon was packed and after one failed attempt at an up-do and 2 hours, I settled for a messy side bun. It looked okay but definitely wasn't me. We all hopped in a limo and got dropped off at the venue.

The venue was an old church in a not-so-nice area of Toronto, but it was beautiful. So many different sections: the chapel part with enormous stained glass windows, an area for both the girls and guys to get ready, outside seating areas, a stream, a tree-house, a courtyard. Seriously.

After eating a quick lunch and getting ready, we were corralled downstairs. This is when J showed up with the kids and I almost cried. They had been parked around the corner from the venue, napping in the car, so J had to wake them up when it was time. Both kids looked stunned, but awesome. Little J with his khakis and button up, and Little K with her pretty dress. Seeing my little girl was the best moment of the day.

We introduced them to everyone and then made our way to the chapel part for the ring ceremony. After that was a few hours for pictures which was tough for the kids who were pretty bored, but they were troopers.

After a while the staff brought out snacky food and the kids found a friend to entertain them. AG was so good with them, playing hide and seek and cheering on Little J's insane dance moves. Little K was particularly clingy so my arms got a good workout.

A little before 8pm we sat the kids at a table and gave them hotdogs. They were complaining that they were hot and both J and I kept saying they weren't and to just eat. When I tried a bite, my mouth was on fire. Turns out it was salsa and not ketchup. My poor babies. I think they learned the difference between hot and spicy that night.

We listened to my brother speak and his best friend, watched a slideshow of his and MK's adventures, and danced and danced. Around 9pm we had to leave and ended up missing my dad's speech, but we had to get the kids home.

If you've made it this far, good for you. Here are some pictures from our day.

IMG_7408 (Medium)
The kids - aren't they adorable??

_MG_1263.CR2 (Medium)
Congratulating SW and MK.
_MG_1278.CR2 (Medium)
Little J observing the picture taking.
_MG_1289.CR2 (Medium)
Little K hamming it up with the girls.
_MG_1310.CR2 (Medium)
Little J again observing the pictures, this time of the guys.
_MG_1281.CR2 (Medium)
We snuck in a family shot.
_MG_1256.CR2 (Medium)
Little J got a little bored and a little pouty.
_MG_1286.CR2 (Medium)
Little K got a little tired and clingy.
_MG_1246.CR2 (Medium)
Just me and my girl.
IMG_7411 (Medium)
Little J adores his uncle.
_MG_1350.CR2 (Medium)
A little break to play hide and seek.
_MG_1343.CR2 (Medium)
Little J and his uncle.
IMG_7392 (Medium)
Possibly my favourite picture of Little K ever. I just love her.
_MG_1341.CR2 - Copy (Medium)
The fam hanging out in the treehouse.
_MG_1373.CR2 (Medium)
Dancing dancing dancing.

Congratulations to my little brother. You found a good one and we're very happy for you.