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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Toronto trip, finishing it off

I've told you about the wedding and I've told you about the Ontario Science Center, but there are some bits I want to fill in from our weekend in Toronto. It was so much more than those two things. Lots of family time and fun and exploring.

We left for Toronto last Thursday afternoon. (Ha! Make that two Thursdays ago....) I fed the kids lunch and finished packing the car. We grabbed J from work and hit the road. We were lucky to have both kids fall asleep so our drive was pretty smooth. J and I haven't spent that much time together, awake, for a long time.

IMG_7362 (Medium)
My boys.
We stopped before Toronto for dinner and got to J's aunt and uncle's house around 7. We unpacked and chatted and then I insisted we go to my brother's apartment. I was pushing it, timewise, but both kids napped so I hoped we'd be okay.

IMG_7367 (Medium)
Meeting my brother's cat.
And we were.

IMG_7377 (Medium)
OMG the giggles.
We spent about an hour with my brother and my SIL MK, and my parents. They had been drinking wine and chatting before we got there, but while we were there it was chaotic. We gave S and MK their gift, that was in a gift bag with tissue paper, which became a game of cover-uncle-S-with-tissue-paper. There was so much jumping and giggling.

IMG_7371 (Medium)
I'm so glad we went.
We headed back "home" (meaning J's aunt and uncle's house) and all went to bed. Together. We were all sleeping in the basement together. It was interesting, but it worked.

Friday was the wedding day. It was crazy and exhausting and fun and stressful. Everything that I was worried about went well and we made it home in one piece. We all went to bed together again because it was late and we were exhausted and we were still all sleeping in the same room.

On Saturday we had a lazy morning which was nice after the craziness of the wedding. It was nice to relax. We met up with my family for lunch though. It was a bit wild trying to get everyone organized in downtown Toronto in the pouring rain. We ended up at an Italian restaurant in Queen's Quay and actually had a chance to talk to everyone. Turns out my cousins are pretty fun people.

IMG_7424 (Medium)
Slurping spaghetti for the first time and loving it.
IMG_7428 (Medium)
Little K wanted to stand in the circle.
After lunch we said our goodbyes and J and I took the kids to the CN tower. We hadn't planned on going but we were so close and the rain had stopped so we walked over and went up.

IMG_7475 (Medium)
La tour CN
It was still really cloudy but so cool to be so high. And so funny to see J get all weirded out about the glass floor. Seriously, this guy is my rock and to see him nervous/uneasy/twitchy about something was weird. Little J loved it. Little K was hesitant.

IMG_7435 (Medium)
My boys and the CN tower.

IMG_7450 (Medium)
The view from the top.

IMG_7470 (Medium)
The glass floor. J was having a panic attack (not really, but he wasn't happy.)

IMG_7432 (Medium)
Little K wearing her baby cat inside her coat on the way over.
We wandered around the Toronto Railway Heritage Centre which was right across the street from the CN tower. Big trains and what looked like Tidmouth Sheds from Thomas - Little J was in heaven!
IMG_7486 (Medium)
A round house!
IMG_7493 (Medium)
Little J with a train.

IMG_7496 (Medium)
Love the brick paths and tracks.

Saturday night we had a quiet dinner with J's Toronto family and actually got the kids to bed at a decent time. We stayed up a bit later and were entertained by J's aunt and two cousins until it was time for bed. Want to see the set up? Two couches-turned-beds, and mats with a sheet covering them on the floor for the kids.

IMG_7501 (Medium)
Little K doing the pretzel pose from our new yoga book.
Sunday morning were celebrated Little J's birthday with balloons and monster trucks before having a quick breakfast and heading out.

IMG_7504 (Medium)
The super smiley birthday boy.

IMG_7508 (Medium)
Little K got a little gift too.
We said goodbye to J's family and went to the Ontario Science Center. It was a lot of fun and we got in free thanks to our museum membership in town. After that we met S and MK for lunch before heading home.

IMG_7597 (Medium)

Our drive home went well and soon we were at J's parent's house for dinner before really heading home to crash. Twas the night before school.....

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